Why Your Bedroom Windows have Condensation and How to Prevent It

Have you ever noticed that your bedroom windows have condensation? For most people, condensation is a nuisance. It’s been annoying them for years and they know it can only lead to one thing: mold. It might be time to invest in a dehumidifier or air conditioner if your window has started to show signs of condensation.

But before you go ahead with this purchase, there are some other health hazards associated with condensation that you need to know about. These health risks include the spread of bacteria, allergens, and viruses. So before you make your decision on whether or not to buy an AC unit for your bedroom windows, read this article for the reasons why your bedroom windows are getting wet in the first place.

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Reasons Why Your Bedroom Windows Have Condensation

1. The air inside your bedroom is naturally moist.

When you are home, the dehumidifier will normally run automatically in order to keep the air inside your house at a stable level. But when you leave your house, the dehumidifier stops working as it has been turned off by you. As a result, the moisture from your breath and skin will accumulate on the windows in your home and cause condensation. This is why condensation occurs in your bedroom windows when it’s cold outside and you’re away from home.

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There are a couple of ways you can combat this problem. The first thing you could do is to leave your bedroom window open at all times when you’re away from home. This will allow the moisture inside your house to escape and prevent condensation from forming on your windows.

2. There are too many sources of moisture in your bedroom.

When there are too many sources of moisture in your bedroom, such as plants, carpets, bathroom fans, or humidifiers, they will all contribute to excess moisture build-up inside your bedroom windows that can make it difficult for them to dry out after use. This is why your bedroom windows tend to remain wet after you come home from work or school.


There are a couple of ways you can combat this problem. The first thing you could do is to remove all of the sources of moisture in your bedroom. This will prevent excess moisture from accumulating in your bedroom and make it difficult for your windows to dry out after being used.

The second thing you could do is to install a dehumidifier in your bedroom. This will help reduce the amount of excess moisture inside your home and make it easier for your windows to dry out after being used.

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3. Your bedroom windows are not big enough to allow enough air circulation inside them when you’re away from home.

When there are not enough windows in a room, it is very difficult for air circulation to take place inside them because the air will only be able to pass through the smallest openings that are available, which usually happen to be the ones that lead outside or into other rooms in your house.

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Small windows will not allow for effective air circulation and will make it harder for your bedroom’s windows to dry out after being used.


You can remedy this problem by installing bigger windows in your bedroom. You will be able to open up your bedroom windows and let a lot more air into the room, which will help make it easier for them to dry out after being used.

4. Poor Ventilation

It’s been said that the air inside your bedroom should be at least as clean as the air outside, but unfortunately if you’re living in a small house, this is not always the case.

This is because you are only able to open up windows that are large enough for your body to fit through and allow plenty of fresh air in.

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If there aren’t any windows that you can open up or if they’re too small for your body to fit through, your bedroom will become filled with stale and dirty air which will make it harder for it to dry out after being used.


In order to combat this problem, make sure that you have plenty of room in your home so that you can open up all of the windows in it. If you don’t have enough space, install bigger windows. They will allow more fresh air into your home and make it easier for them to dry out after being used.

5. Your Bedroom is Too Hot or Too Cold

If you live in an area that is either too hot or too cold, then it will be hard for your bed to dry out properly. Because of this, you might end up having a problem with mold or mildew developing on your mattress which can be very dangerous if you fall asleep on it at night or use it as a pillow during the day.


If you live in an area that is too hot, make sure that you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom to help circulate the air.

If you live in an area that is too cold, make sure that you have a heater or a blanket covering your bed at night to keep it warm.

What is Condensation on Windows?

Condensation occurs when the air becomes saturated with water and is carried inside a home or an outdoor building. At night, this is most commonly seen on the windows. If you have condensation inside of your home, then it can make it harder for your bed to dry out, as well as potentially damage other items such as furniture, wallpaper, or architectural elements.

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Condensation can also cause your walls and ceilings to become wet which can affect your home’s appearance and may be dangerous. They make the room become too much humid and it is a major cause of damage to wood furniture and wall finishes, which can ruin your belongings.

Is condensation on bedroom windows bad?

Yes, condensation on bedroom windows can be a problem. If you have any windows in your bedroom that are not sealed well, then they will allow moisture to build upon them and make it difficult for them to dry out.

Condensation also causes your walls to become wet and mold to grow. The growth of molds in your bedroom will cause a health risk, especially for babies and small children. The growth of molds will also make your home smell bad and you will not be able to sleep well in that room anymore.

Condensation can highly affect individuals with allergies, as they may have an allergic reaction to the mold and other irritants in the room. If they are also asthmatic or suffer from an allergy to dust, then the condensation in their bedroom can be very dangerous for them.

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Because of condensation, mold and other allergens grow in your home which makes it feel worse and unbearable to live in. The growth of molds and other allergens also causes a bad smell that will make you have a lot of problems breathing.

Removing condensation from windows can be done easily. All you need to do is apply a spray-on window cleaner or regular window cleaner with an open window in the bathroom to allow the cleaner to evaporate. It will pull the moisture out of your windows and dry them completely without damaging them.

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How to Prevent Condensation in your Bedroom

Fortunately, if you were in the know about how to prevent condensation in your bedroom and how to get rid of condensation from windows, then you will be able to sleep better and have no problem breathing. Below are some of the ways you can do to prevent condensation of your bedroom windows and walls:

1) Use Humidifiers A humidifier can be an effective way to get rid of the inconvenience of condensation from bedroom windows. The humidifier will keep your bedroom at a normal level of humidity and will decrease the amount of condensation in your bedroom. Also, you don’t need to pay for a lot of energy to run your humidifier.

2) Install Rain-Repellent Window Film Over Your Windows – A film to reduce condensation is a great way to prevent condensation in the bedroom. Rain-repellent window film is specifically created to help repel water and prevent the loss of heat when you are sleeping or under the sheets. Modern window films can also be made out of materials that might allow enough light or brightness into a room while blocking the outside weather completely.

3) Use Thermal Shades over Your Windows – A thermal shade is a great alternative to hardwiring your windows in order for them not to release large amounts of moisture inside your house, which can cause issues with health. Also, it will help prevent light from getting through the shades and warm up your room while preventing outside intruders from breaking in at night.

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4) Restrict The Temperature In Your House – When your heat is turned all the way up, it does an awful job at preventing condensation in your home. That is why setting temperature controls for heat and air can be a great idea and will help prevent condensation from occurring inside your home.

5) Install A Ceiling Fan – This one is really simple, but it will help force air through the large attic space and out of your house. This will prevent cool air from entering the house during the summer months.

People that have lived in homes where water collects inside have reported that they have avoided having their homes renovated because they are scared to lose their investment because of it. It might be overwhelming to invest in a home renovation, but performing these five renovations can help prevent an expensive repair job to occur later on down the road.

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Should I Wipe Condensation from Windows?

A lot of times people will be concerned with the inside of their windows being damp and they will start to wonder if it’s time to wipe them down. If you do this, you risk reducing the insulation in your home and as a result, it could lead to more problems.

The best thing you can do if your window is wet is to wait until they have completely dried out on their own before wiping them down. A good way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by keeping your windows closed during the hot summer months. You might be wondering why or how I would do that, but the reason for doing so is because there are quite a few other things that can cause water damage in your home and there are some simple ways for eliminating these problems without having to replace anything.

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If you don’t want any doubts about whether or not condensation forms in your home, keep your windows closed all summer long. The worst-case scenario that can happen if they’re left open is that you might catch a little bit of an insect, but that’s it. If you have any doubts about whether or not the windows are effective at preventing damage, then shut them down!

Is Condensation on Inside of New Windows Normal?

If you’ve just purchased a new window, you should have no problem with condensation in your home as long as you don’t experience heavy amounts of rain. Anywhere from one to three months after the windows are installed, they will be at their most effective against any condensation that may exist. You might notice a bit of mild moisture on a particular spot (perhaps behind the sill) which is due to the slight amount of dampness in the air.

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Keep in mind that it’s normal for windows to produce a small amount of condensation when they’re first installed, but that’s usually no big deal as long as it doesn’t become too much. If possible, try not to open your windows when it starts raining because this leads to evaporation, which means that even more moisture will be produced and therefore means more likely for more water damage. It’s best if you flip on your ceiling fans whenever it starts raining.

Will a Dehumidifier Effectively Reduce Condensation?

No, the only way to effectively reduce condensation is to install weather stripping and storm windows that are specifically designed for helping prevent it. The condensation will have no place to go and therefore cannot be absorbed.

I’ve installed hundreds of condensation control systems in homes and can attest that when you have more than one glass-paneled room filled with air conditioning, you most definitely want to consider installing one of these systems.

Can I Buy Condensation Control Systems Online?

Yes, there are plenty of brands and models Of these systems out there. However, it’s important that you do your research well before buying an air conditioner so that you know exactly what features it has available.

You want something that will block every inch of air from seeping through the gap between the two panes as well as a system that will keep your windows virtually free of moisture.

You should also look for something that can be installed on your existing windows which means that if they’re already installed, you’re already ahead of the game.


As you can see, protecting your home from the ravages of condensation is about much more than just shutting the windows. It requires a lot of attention to detail, diligence, and the correct products to suit your needs. It also requires hiring a professional like our experts at Air Conditioning Service in Naperville IL who understand these issues and can give you the advice needed to protect your family and home.

Condensation is likely to happen on your bedroom windows, that’s the nature of air conditioning and low humidity. However, it’s important to prevent this moisture from building up on your windows as it can lead to serious damage including staining. When you’re sleeping in a closed room or when you’re at home, condensation is going to happen.

And especially during the winter months; when windows are open to cool your home, they will also trap and hold heat inside your home which can lead to frostbite. That’s why we suggest having a professional install an energy-efficient unit such as a heat pump so that the build-up of cold air is minimized and your energy bills are kept under control.

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