Why is Wicker Furniture so Expensive?

Though you might find many options of wicker furniture on almost any budget on certain home décor, wicker furniture tends to be quite expensive. If you have had the idea to purchase wicker furniture recently, you must have realized how expensive, such furniture is.

It is not surprising as this has been the trend when it comes to wicker furniture. But why? There are many reasons as to why wicker furniture is so expensive. However, the dominating factor as to why wicker furniture is so expensive is due to the wicker materials and the process used in making these pieces of furniture.

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Furthermore, it is not necessarily the material used but also the way it is made, usually made through weaving. Weaving together the fibers as well as ensuring the quality of the fiber materials used makes wicker furniture to be expensive.

Is Wicker furniture Valuable?

Wicker furniture is increasing in popularity first due to its vintage look. Currently, people are looking to complement their decors with antique as well as contemporary furniture. Wicker furniture, made from woven fibers, provides one of the best antique looks you might be looking for.

With the day-to-day improvements in the construction of the wicker furniture, wicker furniture pieces are gaining a classic style to suit the modern market. Currently, innovative materials are in use to ensure that wicker furniture maintains elegant and classic styles that are appealing to everyone.

Wicker furniture has been of great value for centuries. This furniture has been in use for a long period of time on mansions and seaside resorts for the elite and wealthy people. The uniqueness in its design is an amazing factor contributing to its value.

Some pieces of wicker furniture are the most sought in the market with more bias on the traditional pieces of wicker furniture such as occasional tables, rocking chairs, and settees.

Why Wicker Furniture is Expensive

I have come across many types of furniture. Generally, I noticed that every type of furniture contains all costing you may require depending on your budget. However, for the wicker furniture, this is quite different. You will pay more than you expected.

Not despising that wicker furniture is stellar, the pricing is mostly not friendly. The main and the dominating reason is materials and the method used on wicker furniture construction, making it so expensive.

Wicker furniture is expensive in which a single piece of wicker furniture goes for $250 – $1,000 while a full set of wicker furniture goes for at least $5,000.

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Wicker furniture construction is with the use of the traditional method highly based on the techniques applied in basket weaving. Weaving done is on the soaked wet strips that make the weaving process easier. These strips are then woven around wooden structures while currently they are done on durable frames such as aluminum frames.

Some people will prefer natural Wicker as it is highly durable and strong as well. In addition to this, natural Wicker is one of the best when it comes to beauty together with the comfort level. Materials used in natural Wicker are from any plant such as rattan or cane stalks. Furthermore, one can use materials from bamboo or reed. For natural wicker furniture to last long, it will require maintenance to retain its good shape.

Moreover, Wicker furniture can be manufactured using synthetic materials, which make it expensive as well. Synthetic materials are, however, used if you are going for the outdoor wicker furniture. This will make use of the modern frames made from aluminum materials.

Is Wicker Furniture, Rattan Furniture?

Well, this has been one of the most confusing things among everyone out there looking for wicker furniture.

Generally speaking, rattan furniture and wicker furniture can be used as one thing. To reiterate my statement, differentiate the two can be quite challenging unless we go to the specific terms defining the furniture fully.

The difference between Wicker and Rattan furniture is that Wicker is the method and the style of weaving, while Rattan is the material used in making such type of furniture. Wicker furniture can be made from rattan material or also from other types of synthetic or natural materials.

This, therefore, makes rattan furniture to be used interchangeably with wicker furniture. The difference is that Wicker is more general as it is not constrained on rattan materials only.

Wicker furniture can use other types of materials such as natural cane, bamboo, or other materials that can be perfect in the construction of wicker furniture.

Does Wicker furniture last?

If you are yearning to have wicker furniture in your home, you could be concerned about the durability of such furniture. This will save you a lot of your budgets as well as time on having to get other furniture to replace it.

On purchasing wicker furniture, you are making an investment you don’t expect to lose soon. More so, with the high pricing of wicker furniture, it is necessary you get highly durable wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture lasts for a long period of time through which it can serve you for decades. If you have quality synthetic wicker furniture, expect to enjoy decades with no cracking or fading.

The synthetic wicker fiber material is woven with the use of the modern weather-resistant synthetics. This is responsible for ensuring that your wicker furniture is far more durable. The use of synthetic wicker fibers is currently popular, unlike the traditional wicker furniture made from woven palm strands that were less durable.

However, when choosing the synthetic wicker furniture, ensure you are careful as not all synthetics are health-friendly, with some of them being toxic. As a matter of fact, AVOID Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) wicker furniture as it is toxic and also less durable.

On the other hand, choose wicker furniture made from Polyethylene (PE) synthetics, which are friendly to the environment as well.

Frames used in your wicker furniture will as well determine how durable your furniture is. AVOID using steel frames as they will rust easily even if they are powder-coated. Additionally, it will weaken easily compared to other frames, such as Aluminum.

Due to the non-corrosive nature of Aluminum, it will last for a long period of time. This makes it the best frame you will have for your wicker furniture.

Though materials used may determine the durability of wicker furniture, the way you maintain your wicker furniture will as well determine how long it lasts, making it worth the money.

Proper maintenance will increase its durability period giving you a lasting service. Below are some of the proper ways you can maintain your wicker furniture for it to last.

1. Keep Natural Wicker from Sun and Rains

Natural Wicker will tend to dry easily on much exposure to the sun. On the other hand, it will begin to rot if it stays wet for a long period of time. To avoid this, it is prudent to ensure that you use natural Wicker for indoor use. Otherwise, if it is for outdoor purposes, ensure that you put it under your covered patio for lasting durability.

If you use non-natural materials such as resin, you can be sure that these types of materials will be weather-resistant to some extent. However, ensure you keep them in perfect condition or by storing them inside a shed during the winters.

2. Renew your Wicker Furniture

Despite what care you offer your wicker furniture, you expect it to age over time. Even though your wicker furniture might seem to age, there is more to it than the look you are seeing. Providing a new coat of stain or paint will provide a fresh look at this furniture. This will not only give it a new look but also refresh its protection, such as one provided by stains.

3. Repairing your Wicker Furniture

Breaking down of any furniture is not an end to the use of the furniture. As a matter of fact, any furniture can break down at any time. However, taking the time to repair your furniture will assure you of increased durability and renewing its use. Repairing Wicker furniture is easy and can be a Do-It-Yourself without having to look for a specialist on wicker furniture.

4. Proper Cleaning of your Wicker Furniture

Cleaning wicker furniture will require you to use a soft cloth which you can use together with small amounts of the Wicker furniture polish. Avoid using abrasive as well as paint thinners on your wicker furniture.

5. Ensure your Wicker Furniture remains Dry

Wetness on your wicker furniture is a great threat to its durability. As a result, any time your wicker furniture gets wet, ensure you thoroughly dry it. You can do this by the use of damp cloth several times to ensure you remove all moisture that could damage your furniture

6. Avoid Dragging Wicker Furniture

Materials used in making wicker furniture are quite fragile while treated in the wrong manner. Dragging wicker furniture can spoil the fibers and hence reduce the durability of your wicker furniture. As a result, ensure you lift your rattan furniture when moving it all times.

What is Wicker furniture made from?

Traditionally, wicker furniture is made from woven plant fibers. However, wicker furniture is being manufactured by the use of synthetic fibers currently. In addition to this, modern wicker furniture not only uses synthetic materials only but combines both synthetic as well as plant fibers to get the best designs.

Some of the major plant fibers used in the traditional fibers used include Rattan, Willow, Bamboo, and Reed fibers.

Rattan is not only used on the fibers to be woven, but it is also used in making frames through which Wicker is to be woven around. Rattan material is the most used material when it comes to the use of organic materials on wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture made from natural materials should not be used for outdoor purposes but should be reserved for indoor purposes only to ensure they are highly durable.

When it comes to outdoor wicker furniture, aluminum frames together with synthetic fibers are used. Though synthetic fibers are man-made, its vinyl and resins ensure that the furniture retains the wicker look. Furthermore, it adds on its durability curbing away the constraints of moisture and direct sunlight for outdoor purposes.

Wicker materials are of lightweight hence making wicker furniture to be of lightweight. As a result of this, you can use it as your patio furniture as you can move it easily from one place to another.

What is the difference between Wicker and Rattan Furniture?

The difference between Wicker and Rattan furniture is that Rattan is a type of natural fiber used in making wicker furniture while Wicker is the method of weaving. Wicker furniture can be made from the use of Rattan materials or other synthetic or natural materials.

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The difference between Wicker and Rattan furniture could be quite confusing. However, it is essential to know that wicker furniture more broad compared to rattan furniture. Rattan furniture will only use rattan materials, while wicker furniture can use rattan materials or other materials in making the Wicker.

Generally, Rattan Furniture is a type of wicker furniture, while wicker furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be rattan furniture.

Last Words

Wicker furniture is one of the exciting pieces of furniture. Though furniture is generally expensive, outdoor furniture has its pricing higher than what we ever budget for.

Wicker furniture has had much popularity on the patio and outdoor furniture. However, its pricing is beyond the par, and it seems is if it is furniture for the rich.

Nevertheless, it is expedient to understand that wicker furniture uses materials that are expensive to acquire. Furthermore, the weaving method and process used is quite tedious. This will make it quite expensive as you have to pay for the cost inquired.

However, the good thing with wicker furniture is on its durability and elegance it brings on your porch and patio spaces. As a matter of fact, wicker furniture is highly sought among the elite groups and the wealthy people we have in society.

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