Why is Outdoor Patio Furniture so Expensive 2024?

If you have recently checked in a furniture store physically or through online sites, you must be damn surprised at how expensive outdoor patio furniture is.

Surprisingly, most people expect outdoor patio furniture to be quite cheaper compared to other types of furniture. This is likely due to their simple designs and styles, which seem less complicated in comparison to most of the other furniture.

However, this is not the truth of the matter. As a matter of fact, the lower end outdoor patio furniture will go for at least more than $1,000, which will consist of a full set of Chaise and Chairs.

Unlike other indoor furniture, outdoor patio furniture are made from woven strands that are plastic stretched on a metal frame and might contain some cushions.

On the other end, indoor furniture will contain many joints, upholstering among many other styles despite them being cheaper compared to outdoor patio furniture. Keep following to know why outdoor patio furniture is so expensive.

Why is Outdoor Furniture So Expensive?

The whole aspect of outdoor furniture is completely different from indoor furniture. This is one of the main reason which leads to the differences in the pricing of outdoor furniture with those of indoor furniture.

Materials used in making outdoor furniture need to stand tough environment, unlike those of indoor furniture. Outdoor patio furniture is exposed to an unfriendly environment to furniture such as scorching heat from the sun, rain, dust, high-blowing wind, and many others which are not friendly to any furniture.

This could easily lead to furniture losing its durability easily. However, outdoor furniture is made in such a way that they survive these tough environments and hence increasing their durability.

This is to ensure that you enjoy long-lasting service without having to replace your furniture now and then. Of course, you are not ready to waste your money on patio furniture which will last for just 2 years, but you are in search of patio furniture which will last for decades.

Though it is quite confusing on why outdoor patio furniture is so expensive, there are a number of reasons leading to this. It’s essential to know that the price of furniture might easily vary with the brand or the designer.

However, the main determinant of high prices on outdoor patio furniture is on the materials used together with the construction itself.

Materials Used in Patio Furniture

This is the main reason leading to high prices on outdoor patio furniture. Patio furniture will require highly durable materials which will ensure that they provide long-lasting service. This is in consideration that outdoor patio furniture is always under tough and unfriendly environmental conditions.

Below are some of the major different patio furniture made of different materials and why they are expensive;

Wooden Patio Furniture

Unlike indoor furniture, wood is normally affected easily with outdoor conditions. As a result of this, a few types of woods will work best in outdoor furniture.

The major type of wood that works perfectly with outdoor patio furniture is Teak, as it is less affected by moisture. Teak, being a hardwood, is one of the expensive wood for furniture hence contributing outdoor patio furniture being expensive.

Any outdoor patio furniture made of wood will as well require slating to ensure that moisture less affects the wood. This therefore, adds to the cost of manufacturing, leading the outdoor patio furniture being so expensive.

Cushioned and Upholstered Patio Furniture

There are a number of reasons that lead to cushioned and upholstered patio furniture to be quite expensive. First and foremost, the cushion used in making these pieces of patio furniture needs to be quite different from the cushions you could use on indoor furniture.

Indoor furniture can use the standard fills of their cushions. However, patio furniture will require to use the porous cushions, which have the ability of liquid draining, such as when its under rains. In addition to this, the cushion used in outdoor patio furniture needs to dry easily. This will always ensure that it is not affected when exposed to high moisture levels or rains as well.

In addition to this, cushions used in patio furniture need to withstand high heat levels, considered that they will be exposed to the sun. This will, therefore, need these pieces of furniture used to be of high quality, enhancing its durability.

In order to get such types of cushions to have your cushioned patio furniture, you will need to pay more than you could expect for the standard cushioned furniture.

Metallic Patio Furniture

One of the dangers of having any metallic furniture would be the dangers of losing the quality of your furniture that would be led to occurrences such as rusting. As a result of this, metallic patio furniture will require to have materials that will last for long outdoors.

The best metallic material for patio furniture is aluminum, which is powder-coated for extra protection to the aluminum material. The powder coating on the metallic material used in making the patio furniture is fused to the surface of the metal through the use of heat.

Furniture will easily fade when exposed to the sun for a long period of time. However, with the powder coating on the surface, there will be extra protection to the metal to reduce possibilities of fading of the furniture.

On the other hand, the aluminum metal material used provides protection to patio furniture against rusting. Aluminum, unlike other types of metals, is highly resistant to rusting. This will, therefore, contribute to high durability to your furniture even under intense exposure to moisture and water.

Though some people would prefer powder-coating steel, this is not a recommended way if you are looking for long-lasting outdoor patio furniture. Nevertheless, if you choose to use steel that is powder-coated, then you will have to cover it on the intense weather or take it indoors.

Plastic Patio Furniture

Patio furniture made of plastic material is one of the best when it comes to moisture exposure. However, on exposure to intense Ultra-violet rays from the sun, plastic patio furniture might fade easily.

Nevertheless, to ensure that plastic patio furniture has high durability, the plastic material used in manufacturing such furniture needs to withstand the UV rays. This will, therefore, need the plastic to be made and molded quite differently from other standard plastic furniture.

This then leads to the high prices on the outdoor patio furniture made of plastic material.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Designs

One of the other major reasons leading to outdoor patio furniture being expensive is the design used by outdoor patio furniture. Patio furniture manufacturers put into consideration the new trends and styles that make you not run out of fashion.

As a result of this, you could view outdoor patio furniture as if it is overpriced. Going a mile further, most outdoor patio furniture are hand-woven. This is to ensure that the quality of the weave pattern is at par through being symmetrical and tight enough to enhance its durability.

Going for designs that are comfy while at the same time highly durable, you will have to pay more. This will ensure that you enjoy gathering on a sunset meal in your patio, pool basking, and many other activities you may do in the patio.

Is Expensive Outdoor Furniture Worth It?

Outdoor patio furniture can improve and enhance your outdoor living by giving it a new experience making you enjoy every bit. Comfortable, elegant, and high quality outdoor furniture will play a great role in ensuring the essence of full enjoyment.

However, the big question that trickles in every person looking for outdoor furniture is whether expensive outdoor furniture is worth the price. From my experience with outdoor patio furniture, I concluded that expensive outdoor furniture is worth it.

If you are looking forth to enjoy a long-lasting service, then it will need you to pay for the quality that meets these needs. It has been evident that the more expensive an outdoor patio furniture is, the more durable it is.

This correlates to the types of materials used together with the craftsmanship used. This will ensure you don’t keep replacing your patio furniture now and then.

Before you consider going for cheap outdoor patio furniture, consider the drenching rains, freezing temperatures, high temperatures from the sun, and regular cleaning due to exposure to dirt in your patio. With this, consider the best patio furniture rather than compromising on the budget, which would later harm you.

What is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

Outdoor patio furniture is one of the many types of furniture which are mainly used in different seasons. In most cases, patio furniture is used on the summers, and it will be either put indoors or covered during the winters.

On the onset of the spring and summer days, purchasing patio furniture could be quite hectic. This is the time everyone is running to the furniture stores to get patio furniture as they get to pool parties together with throwing in outdoor barbecues. With an increase in demand during the spring and summer days, the price then goes up.

As summer approaches its end, the demand for patio furniture reduces at a high rate. As a result of this, furniture stores are always on the look-out in clearing their stock to make a room for the new productions to be sold next season when summer nears.

As a result of this, the further you are from the summer, the cheaper patio furniture will be. As summer comes to an end in August, prices for patio furniture starts going down. The prices go down greatly as winter approaches in October and November.

In the month of August and September, you will purchase patio furniture at 80% of its price during the summer. During October and November, prices go down completely, and you might purchase the same furniture at 30-40% of its price during the summer period.

Now it’s time to go for it. Purchase outdoor patio furniture between August and November and save more.

How Much Should I Pay for Outdoor Patio Furniture?

Now with all in mind on why is outdoor patio furniture so expensive, you need to know what you should pay for outdoor patio furniture. Despite having no specific answer to this, there are a number of factors that contribute to an average and fair price of patio furniture.

However, for a disclaimer, be ready to pay more or a similar amount of your indoor furniture. Though it might contain a simple style, unlike indoor furniture, it will require precise elements to ensure that it withstands intense weather.

The factors that will determine what you should pay for the outdoor patio furniture will be affected by the materials, finish used, labor input, who and where it is made. Though you might find some cheap patio furniture, you will realize that they are temporal furniture which, if not days they might last for a few months.

Some of the outdoor furniture you might find include the following with the average fair prices;

  • Outdoor Patio Sofa – $1,700 – $3,000
  • Cushion Patio Chair – $900 to $2,000
  • Thin-cushioned Patio Chair or with no cushion – $300 to $800
  • Dining Table – $1,000 to $2,000
  • Chaise lounge – $800 to $2,000


Patios are now common in most homes. People are now turning their outdoor spaces into further extensions to their homes. These outdoor spaces can be used as meeting areas, dining areas on your sunset meals, pool basking, and resting areas.

For prime comfy in the outdoor spaces, filling them with patio furniture is inevitable. However, outdoor patio furniture is normally faced with intense weather such as high or freezing temperatures, wetting rains, and many other conditions.

To withstand such weather, patio furniture needs to be highly durable with quality materials which will last for decades. As a result of this, it is not a secret as to why outdoor patio furniture is so expensive.

With the best design, quality materials, and proper craftsmanship used in the outdoor furniture, you are sure of the best.

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