Why is Furniture so Expensive?

Generally, furniture is expensive than what we budget for!

As I have been, I am sure you must be wondering; what the hell is this? Is this stuff this much expensive? At one point, I even wondered whether I would ever fully furnish my house considering that I did not only have one room to furnish but a number of them.

The pricing of furniture has in recent days been blowing the mind of most home seekers. Amazingly, everyone needs to see his/her own house fully furnished.

You will indeed be so proud to have a meal with your friends who you value. With a furnished home, your colleagues whether at work or on your social life will definitely have full respect on you.

What matters when buying furniture, quality or price?

Despite the goodies that come with furnishing your home, this is not as easy as one may think. No wonder I noticed it is one of the reason people find respect and valued much when you find their house fully furnished.

Furniture, though being an amazing element in every house can be expensive. Here comes now the sad story; should I compromise pricing for quality or do I ignore the pricing and then go for the quality?

Well, as for me, none is either right!!! Why, then? As it has been my will and wish, I have never loved compromising the quality I receive with the price.

The first and foremost thing I need is to get a long-lasting service from the furniture I purchase. Not enough, I need the furniture to be elegant and suite the design I love to have in my house.

With this, therefore, there is no room in compromising the quality with pricing.

On the other hand, remember, my pocket is fixed and I have several things to cater for. Obviously, there were a number of furniture I was to put in my house and everyone of it calling for some bucks to cater for the same.

Hence it is absolutely necessary to consider the pricing as well.

Getting the breakeven for the quality and price then becomes the big challenge and question I need to provide an answer to.

What quality should I consider? What pricing should I pay for the subject furniture? With this, answered, you are then good to go.

Take your bucks from the pocket and exchange them for the furniture you need.

Before we then dig deep on the reason as to why furniture is so expensive, below are some of the essential things you need to reaffirm themselves with which closely relate to the pricing of any furniture.

What are the types of wood used in Furniture

While determining the pricing of any furniture, the type of wood used is one of the major factor contributing to the same.

However, it is always a dilemma on what type of wood to choose while choosing the furniture to install in your house.

Are you considering having the best furniture for your dream home? Well, this then will be inevitable to have knowledge on.

Trust me, even if you have little or no knowledge about furniture or wood used in furniture, you will come out fully acquitted to have all that it takes to have your furniture today.

Types of wood used in Furniture

Solid Wood

This is not the simple solid wood but it is the wooden material which doesn’t contain any hollow spaces in them.

As a matter of fact, it is less prone to degradation as well as diseases. These are the commonly used types of wood in any furniture and for most, considered to be the best.

They are categorized into either hardwood or softwood.

Despite the ignorant belief which is popular to everyone of us here in the market, hardwood are not the best for furniture only that they come from deciduous trees which take long to mature.

Hardwoods, however, have been taken to be among the best when it comes to the manufacture of furniture.

Examples of hardwoods include Maple, Oak, Cherry, Birch, Walnut, Ash etc.

On the other hand, softwood have been the hero when it comes to the furniture industry.

Softwood come from coniferous trees which are evergreen and take a less period of time to mature.

Examples of Softwoods include Poplar, Pine, Acacia, Rubberwood etc.


This is a thin as well as a durable wood which comes from cutting the circumference of a tree.

It is used in furniture for making some parts, panels as well as on parquet floors.


Plywood are a combination of several layers of veneer put together to enhance the strength as well as the durability of the veneers on the furniture.

Medium Density Particle Board

This is another type of wood used in furniture which is also common in the market.

It is the type of wood made from wood shavings and chips put together hence acting as an alternative to plywood.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

This is the type of wood used in furniture made from the residuals of soft or hardwoods. It is commonly used in making wall panels, cabinets as well as storage units.

With the above knowledge on what you expect on the material in your furniture, we can then move deeper in getting to know the reason as to why is furniture so expensive.

Keep by my side and in few minutes have full satisfaction on your query.

What makes furniture so expensive?

I believe quality plays the major role in the high prices of furniture.

The pricing being our major query of the day, it is essential to give you the bare truth on what makes furniture so expensive or as I may term it; what makes furniture seem to be so expensive.

First, the materials used in making furniture are the main contributing factor to the pricing of the furniture.

There is a high need of having the knowledge of the material used in making your furniture. Otherwise, you will be ready for a good shock either by the durability or any factor attributing to your furniture.

Materials such as MDF and melamine are the major materials used for cheap furniture.

I, however, do not disqualify them in the use of furniture as they are also suitable for use on children’s bedrooms as well as the less used spaces.

This will apply if you are the person who considers durability a factor.

Secondly, most furniture are handcrafted. Well, furniture become best if they are handcrafted as the design is fully customizable.

Handcrafted furniture normally take more time relatively to the general furniture made by machines. In addition to this, they take much energy as well as the artwork necessary to be input.

We, therefore, pay the artisan for taking time in having an exceptional time in producing a specific unique design you love for your furniture.

Moreover, the finish of any furniture as well contributes to its pricing. As a matter of fact, the finish of any furniture provides the difference between a highly priced furniture with one that is cheap.

These have been used as one of the biggest giveaways if you need to spot a cheap furniture. This is so as they provide recognizable different between a good quality polish or varnish.

Lastly but not the least, is the comfort or the enjoyment you receive from the furniture you have.

With no doubt, if you need much comfort, there will be a need for extra features included in your furniture such as cushioning.

Therefore, you will find furniture being quite expensive as you would not imagine. However, if this is not a factor to you, you can then reconsider taking a cheaper option for the same.

Final Words

Did you ever imagine your dining table collapsing while you are having an amazing dinner with your family and friends? Well, this must be a loud NO!!! What then? Do I go for the expensive furniture?

Taking expensive furniture does not necessarily mean that you have the best quality.

As you need the best quality, I will urge you to take time and familiarize yourself with the furniture you need to purchase.

Just never underestimate the quality of the furniture. Its better you spend much on a high quality furniture and enjoy it for a long-lasting period rather than have a poor quality furniture that will just last for days.

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