Why is Ashley Furniture So Expensive?

Ashley is one of the renowned furniture store globally. It has been known to provide high quality furniture through which it has its entire line on home furnishing.

All through its product lines, Ashley uses real wood which has been one of the main reasons Ashley furniture is so expensive.

Furthermore, Ashley has intentionally dictated the materials it uses in the production of its furniture which gives you an assurance of the quality.

It is giving much emphasis on innovation which is one of its primary core moving into the engineered wood following the benefits coming from this type of innovation.

This not only saves on the impact Ashley has on the environment but also providing a world-class product that is generally accepted globally. Not only this but you can buy Ashley Furniture Online without having to visit one of their Homestores.

Having its production dating since 1945, it has had much confidence in providing high-quality home furniture hence making it a world-class furniture manufacturer.

Is Ashley Furniture Good Quality?

Having more than 60 years of innovation as well as experience in the furniture industry, Ashley has become a leader in providing high-quality furniture over its competitors.

Surprisingly, it does not major in one line of furniture but it produces quality furniture on different lines of furniture in all the major categories.

In addition to this, following their experience in the market, Ashley furniture finds the best values as well as designs globally for home furnishing as well accessories. This allows its customers to receive the best quality which is world-class.

Its manufacturing is fully done in the United States through which it outsources some of its other raw materials from other countries. Ashley furniture ensures that it meets the national standards on the production to ensure that you get the worth of what you pay for.

As a matter of fact, in comparison to the quality you pay for, the pricing of such kind of quality is greatly of low price rather than it is deemed to be high. The contradictory part on the pricing comes on the fact that Ashley incorporates advanced manufacturing technology which make it concentrate on quality rather than compromising the quality for the price.

Can You Negotiate Price At Ashley Furniture?

One of the surprising things most people don’t know is that the stores can negotiate for the prices they find in the Ashley Furniture Homestore.

However, before opting to negotiate the prices of these Ashley furniture, you may consider monitoring the prices for some weeks of the sales being done which will give you the real cost of what you expect as well as giving you a ground through which you can easily negotiate with the Homestore.

Not only is the price negotiated determined by the time the furniture has stayed in the store but also by the number of furniture you are purchasing from Ashley.

Therefore, if you are looking towards receiving an extra markup to boost your budget, you will need to have a number of purchases with the increase being directly proportional to the markup you get from the store on their products.

Furthermore to ensure that you receive an optimized pricing, Ashley furniture as well sells cheap furniture made in China. Though this furniture is not highly durable such that you can pass it to your children, it will fully suit your present furnishing needs.

In summary, when negotiating for the Ashley furniture, what you will need is to ensure that you play a mind game through ensuring that you play with the numbers such as using a credit card rather than cash.

Furthermore, studying the trends of the prices will as well play a major role in saving you some bucks.

All that you need to be assured is that Ashley furniture stores will provide a highly competitive as well as an aggressive pricing as they always know their market right.

Who Makes Ashley Furniture?

Ashley furniture is made from the Ashley Homestores which are a chain of furniture stores composed of both independently owned as well as corporate owned stores with the license from of selling Ashley furniture products.

Mainly, Ashley furniture provides majority of its furniture domestically in the United States and then later it started establishing production overseas in Asia with the main focus being China.

To be able to become the best as well as a low-cost producer, it invested in having the modern American manufacturing facilities and technology. In addition to this, it also acquired Walmart through putting focus on supply chain and logistics technology.

The production of Ashley furniture keeps expanding first from the bedroom furniture, dining, and then ranging to leather as well as upholstery. This has ensured that it satisfies its customers by providing a wide range of products complementing the furniture they sell.

With more than 1,000 locations globally, Ashley furniture has trusted its homestores in making the furniture though under strict observance and guidelines to ensure quality standards by Ashley furniture are maintained.

How Much Does Ashley Furniture Charge For Delivery?

Delivery by Ashley furniture comes in two forms of shipping determined by both the size as well as the weight of the online purchase you make from Ashley furniture. On determination of the size together with the weight of the furniture you purchase the best and efficient delivery method is then determined.

The types of shipping provided by Ashley furniture include the following;

Standard Delivery

This include delivery for the lighter and smaller items done through mail (USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS). You will get a shipping option in the shopping cart though you should include a 2-day or a 1-day shipping.

In-Home Delivery

This is delivery done on larger items purchased from Ashley Furniture Homestores. This may be done either directly from the operated Ashley Homestore or from the Independently Owned Homestore dependent on the location it is being shipped to. Otherwise, the shipping will be done through the Ashley furniture Ashcomm LLC shipping service.

Delivery fees charged by Ashley Furniture are very fair. As a matter of fact, Ashley furniture offer free standard shipping for small parcels on all the 48 United States.

Check below for the standard shipping including those of Alaska as well as Hawaii. However, note that there is an exemption in the in-home delivery.

Standard Shipping Fee

Standard Shipping Order Amounts (UPS/FedEx) Standard Shipping Fee (UPS/FedEx) 3-7 days Alaska/Hawaii Delivery Fee 7-10 days
Up to $15 Free Standard Shipping $14.95
$15.01 to $24.99 Free Standard Shipping $16.00
$25 to $45 Free Standard Shipping $18.00
$45.01 to $65 Free Standard Shipping $21.00
$65.01 to $90 Free Standard Shipping $24.00
$90.01 to $125 Free Standard Shipping $27.00
$125.01 to $200 Free Standard Shipping $131.00
$200.01 to $300 Free Standard Shipping $135.00
$300.01 to $400 Free Standard Shipping $240.00
$400.01 to $500 Free Standard Shipping $250.00
$500.01 to $600 Free Standard Shipping $260.00
$600.01 to $700 Free Standard Shipping $270.00
$700.01 to $800 Free Standard Shipping $280.00
$800.01 to $900 Free Standard Shipping $290.00
$900.01 to $1000 Free Standard Shipping $300.00
Over $1000 Free Standard Shipping $310.00

In-home delivery fees are determined by the team that delivers your order which may include Ashcomm LLC or the individual Ashley Homestore. These delivery fees vary from one market to another and recommended for you to check the delivery fees as well as services from the shopping cart.

Ashley Furniture Near Me

If you don’t prefer purchasing Ashley furniture online, then you can consider visiting an Ashley Furniture Homestore near you. You can easily search it from Google Maps by searching in the search box an Ashley Furniture Homestore near you.

Here is a map you can use in making the search for the Ashley homestore near you. Just open the full search and ensure your locations is on. With this, you can as well get directions to the Homestore where you can make purchases.

Final Words

Ashley furniture has been an amazing online shopping place you are sure to find all your furniture solution. To some prospective buyers, it seems to be an expensive option but to be sure, I found Ashley furniture being a best alternative in saving you bucks in your wallet.

It all depends on what you purchase and considering that they center in giving you quality furniture, price at times might seem to be higher than you expect. Just give it a trial and you will be sure to have the best from Ashley furniture.

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