Why Are Desks So Expensive: The 10 Main Reasons Why They Cost So Much

Did you know that the average desk costs $1,000? This is a staggering number when considering how many people work from home or work at a desk. So why do desks cost so much? There are many reasons for this, ranging from the fact that they are made of wood to the complex process of manufacturing them. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest factors which contribute to their price tag.

Desks are mainly used for working, especially in offices which give you a place to sit and a place to plug in your computer. There are many people who work from home, by the home office, or even in their vehicle.

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One of the main reasons for desk expenses is that not only do the desks have to be large enough to accommodate the computer keyboards and other peripherals but they have to have at least 2 separate workstations so that you can work alone or with other people as well. Some people view this as wasted space, however, it also helps create a limited amount of noise while working.

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10 Reasons Why Desks Are Expensive

There are several reasons why desks are so expensive. Some of these reasons include the following;

1. Most Desks are Made of Wood

Wood is one of the most expensive materials in the world. For example, a desk made of oak can easily cost thousands of dollars. This is because it is prized for its grain, color, and the fact that it only lasts a few decades before it begins to decay and becomes unusable.

Most desks you will see are made of wood. The wood that is used for desks is usually Oak as Oak resists warping, is durable, and naturally water-resistant. Furthermore, most oak desks are resistant to moisture against humidity and temperature changes.

2. Most Desks have a Solid Wood Top

Solid wood boards are more expensive than their laminate counterparts because they last many times longer and do not require any additional care or maintenance compared to the maintenance required by laminate wood products.

Real wood desk tops are harder to keep clean compared to those made of laminate because dirt tends to stick better on real wooden surfaces. This results in the need for a lot more cleaning products such as Windex and paper towels than those made from a laminate surface.

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3. Most Desks Have a Right Hand Finish

Most desks come with a right-hand finish as opposed to the left-hand finish like most furniture pieces, which makes it easier for an individual to write letters with pen, pencil, or crayons instead of using their right hand to hold the writing utensil.

4. Most Desks Offer a Glide Desk System

This is a system whereby the desk slides back and forth while in use by a person. This is beneficial to children who may be able to push up against the desk at various times during the day and can be easily slid away using the glides system, making it easy for kids of different ages to share the same desk surface without any risk of injury.

5. Most Desks Come with Lateral File Drawers

There are different kinds of lateral file drawers that are available on desks of varying sizes and quantities. The lateral file drawers (or small cubby holes) give access for papers and documents that need to be kept within reach as well as being very conducive for organizing files or all manner of office materials such as paperwork, books, calculators, calendars, or even drinks and snacks that are needed during work time.

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6. Desk Accessories and Desks for Dining Rooms

There are various accessories and sets of desks for dining rooms that are available for kitchen diners. These include kitchen bars that provide adequate support for the diners to keep them from spilling their drinks, as well as chairs that are equipped with foldable mechanisms that can be stored away during a party or event, which leaves more space in the dining room so that guests can enjoy their meal without having to miss out on any conversation.

7. Most Desks Come in Various Sizes and Types

Desks come in various sizes and types depending on what is needed for different spaces. There are office desks, computer desks, bookcases, media consoles, and even coffee tables; all with an assortment of size options of both width and length depending on the space they will be placed in by their users.

8. Many Office Desks Have Built-in Storage Spaces

Built-in storage space is a feature found on office desks that is available in the back of the desk and is usually of a size that will fit all the office organization items. This storage space is great for storing things that have to be kept at hand at all times, such as pens, pencils, and even a list of important memos that need to be stored away immediately.

9. Desks Come in Various Colors and Finishes

Desks come in various colors and finishes including wood, stone, or metal; each of which is available in different sizes depending on the space they will be placed in. The finishing of their design can also vary depending on their use such as office desks, executive desks, or dining room tables; each is suited with different types of finish for their specific use.

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10. Most Office Desks Come with Built-in Systems and Hardware

Built-in systems are found on desktop computers but also are found on all office desks which includes an attached keyboard tray, LCD display panel, and speakers which allow an expanded display area and greater sound quality. The hardware on office desks is usually erected in the back of the surface and can be found near a storage space that is found at the sides or bottom of the desk, which will satisfy all office organization items and other things that need to be kept at hand.

Are All Desks the Same Height?

Height is one of the most important factors when buying an office desk, but unfortunately, it is not enough to rule out the desk from your search. Some are taller than others and some offer more space while covering a smaller surface area while others are much smaller than others.

Generally speaking, an office desk should fit your height so that you don’t feel like you have to climb to retrieve your things or that you need a stepstool when standing up. It is recommended that the desk should be adjustable to a certain degree.

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If you will be using a PC on your desk regularly, for storage or for typing, it is recommended that you choose a desk that has a low height and one that allows you to move from the sitting to the standing position.

Larger desks are usually chosen by those who have more than one workstation, while smaller desks are designed for single users and minimal use.

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The Average Height of Office Desks

If you want to buy an office desk with a height of fewer than 30 inches, then you will be required to invest in an adjustable desktop stool or if possible a chair such as the egg chair as mentioned earlier. If your height is over 5’9″, then make sure you choose a desk that allows at least 1 ½ inches more width at the front edge where your toes can fit on its surface.

1 inch will be enough if your seatback is not adjustable, but if it is, make sure the gap between your backrest and the office desk surface is at least 1 ½ inches wide. Also, keep in mind the leg rest that you need so that you get the most appropriate amount of leg room for your workstation.

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Generally, the average height of office desks is about 30-37 inches.

Are you tired of hunching over your desk?

Whether it is a dynamic small form factor or a full-sized form factor, there are so many different types of office desk configurations and designs including open-plan offices, cubicle offices as well as private offices. So before you buy an office desk for yourself or your business, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I really need my office desk with an adjustable height?
  • Is it important to have a small form factor desk?
  • Will the new computer fit on my desktop?
  • How much space will it take up on my workstation and in the room?
  • What is the style I want which looks best in my home or workspace?

What is the Best Height for an Office Desk?

An office desk which is too high may make it difficult for someone to access their things like papers, folders and pen, and pencil holders. Therefore, having a small end table or a low table that can hold all those items may help but it reduces the workspace available to work on your computer.

However, some people have found that they have used this arrangement successfully to keep their computer and other items at hand while they are working at the computer. Hence, it is up to you whether you prefer one configuration over another or you like both of them as an alternative solution towards keeping everything close by but accessible when needed.

Are Desks Really Worth It?

A good desk can be very useful in creating a conducive working environment where you can work to your full potential. A proper desk will also make it easier for you to organize your office area, file papers, and other important items, and efficiently keep up with deadlines.

If you are keen on working well at your computer then a good-sized desk is something that you must have as part of your office setup.

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From the materials desks are made of, desks are worth the price you pay. You need to be careful on the material you use when purchasing a desk, as it will determine how long it will last. Wood and metal desks that are made from untreated lumber can be easily damaged by moisture getting into the wood and this is why they are not very popular in the market.

If you do get the chance to choose a desk made from untreated wood, then at least make sure that you tie some sort of plastic wrap around it so that your desk does not get affected by mold or mildew. The same applies to any kind of metal desk, which might become rusty over time if they are not treated properly for moisture. It also helps to treat your existing furniture with professional anti-mildew products so that mold runs away from them.

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Types of Desks and Their Prices

When it comes to desks, you will find them in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most common types of desks include ergonomic desks, executive desks, and cubicles. The more expensive the desk is, the better its features are going to be. Some of the desks in the market include the following;

1) Executive Desks – These desks are designed ergonomically and made to accommodate long hours of work. The executive desk is also fitted with a monitor and keyboard as well as a radio or telephone station, which allows you to communicate with others in your office all the time.

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These are the most expensive desks whose average price go at $2000 and above.

2) Standard Desks –  These are the most common desks in offices and they are made of boards and cheap wood. This type of desk is used to accommodate smaller spaces and the average cost on these desks is $100.

3) Glass Top Desks – These glass desks are very expensive because they are constructed with glass and they include a special tabletop that gives you a look of elegance, however, the price on these really depends on the quality of glass used as well as its longevity. If you want something that is durable and stylish but doesn’t break your bank, go for this type of desk, which will cost you around $1000.

4) Modular Design Desks – These types of desks have a modular design that allows users to add or remove parts from them. Its size varies from smaller side tables to wall-mounted towers and these types of desks are good for those who need small spaces or just want their work areas to be portable. These types of desks usually cost between $400 and $600.

5) Side tables –  There are different types of side tables nowadays and everyone thinks that the best side table is made with glass, although it is a great addition to any workstation, however, there are some people who think otherwise. There are side tables that have solid wood or plastic on top and around their edges but the two most affordable side tables can be purchased for around $100 and at this price range you don’t need something that expensive.

6) Deck Desks – These types of desks are also known as outdoor decks because they look like something that you would find in an outdoor cabin or outhouse. They come with a wooden top that can be removed so you can add storage underneath it. These types of desks will cost around $500 on average and they would be perfect for those who want a home office or want to set up their workstation in an area outdoors but needs better lighting than what an indoor room can provide.

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Nice-looking wooden desks can be found online and with a little bit of searching, you can find one that is the finest that you can imagine. There are some people who love the look and design of these types of desks but don’t want to pay a lot for them, so you do have choices when it comes to purchasing these types of desks.


Desks have been a glare when it comes to their prices. Most people wonder why they are expensive but this is simply because they are made to last. This is why they don’t cost less but still remain a must-have for a business person who wants to have his desk that can last and be customized as much as he needs since it will be used for many years.

Some of the desks above are really expensive and those who want to purchase them should expect to pay prices that can go over the thousands of dollars, so it is best to ask questions before spending all this money.

However, as we have seen, there are also cheap desks you will find online.

You just need to know what you want and what you can afford, then go ahead and order your favorite desk online.

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