Which is Stronger Melamine or MDF?

One of the most confusing things for most people looking out for furniture is determining whether Melamine or MDF is stronger. This is highly prevalent, especially where one is not familiar with the use of the word Melamine in North American.

Basically, Melamine is usually a chemical compound from an organic base as well as a trimer of cyanamide. Melamine is not only a construction material only but can also be applied for other several uses that are not in the field of construction.

On the other side, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), is an engineered wood product through a combination of several wood fibers with the use of a resin or a wax binder from high pressure and temperature.

Melamine and MDF have had confusion through which it has been taken to be the same thing in some areas such as North America. This, however, refers to a product that has a melamine surface together with a wood particle core hence leading to confusion.

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The strength of Melamine and MDF will all depend on how each of these products is made. This is so as there are different types of Melamine together with different types of MDF which come at different levels of densities hence leading to the difference in strength between the Melamine and MDF.

Which is better MDF or Melamine?

First, it is quite confusing if you have the thought of the preformed countertops. In North America, you will find countertops made of MDF but contain a melamine surface installed on top of the MDF.

This makes it challenging to provide a clear judgment of which is better; MDF or Melamine. However, from the general perspective, MDF is better than Melamine.

Note that MDF is not Melamine and there are distinguishable differences between MDF and Melamine.

What is Melamine?

The reason behind this is the fact that Melamine is normally made from the particle in the board, which is of less density compared to that of MDF.

Melamine is made from wood chips from particleboard then bonded together to the melamine resin paper.

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What is MDF?

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is made from wood fibers glued together with the use of high pressure and heat.

It is an engineered product made from wood fibers that come from hardwood and softwood products broken down. These fibers then get subjected to high pressure and heat when waxing together.

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Which is Better; Melamine or MDF?

First, MDF is quite better than Melamine on the ease in which installers find in using MDF as it is easier to shape and cut compared to Melamine.

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In addition to this, MDF has high durability and is very strong compared to Melamine.

Nevertheless, as I said earlier, all this is dependent as in the present age, most industries are preferring the use of Melamine over MDF. First, it is on the availability of the melamine board, which is currently available to many users.

In addition, following subjection to high pressure and temperature, Melamine now gets high flexural strength which makes it stable in holding your nail. As a result of this, it has been commonly used as the primary material used in making panel furniture.

Furthermore, Melamine is used in other industries such as making display counters, kitchen cabinetry, dry erase boards as well as office furniture.

How Strong is Melamine?

The question of how strong is Melamine has been of great concern with the increase in the use of Melamine on furniture currently. Melamine laminate has been a hard resin that is used commonly now even in overlaying other building materials such as plywood or MDF.

This gives a general picture of how Melamine is strong. It is an organic compound which, through the combination of formaldehyde, gives out a highly durable plastic which is then added to a paper base in forming a laminate on several building materials.

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Furthermore, Melamine is resistant to various furniture threats such as moisture, heat, dirt as well as stain.

However, this does not mean that you compromise on maintaining the outer finish; you need to ensure you retain the exterior finish properly to ensure you enhance the moisture resistance by Melamine.


Melamine provides an attractive as well as a durable finish on low-quality materials.

Not only this, but it as well provides you with a budget-friendly option on your furniture.

Perfect Grain

Lastly, Melamine comes with consistent grains compared to solid wood.

This is the reason to why it is one of the best materials to use in making kitchen cabinets as it is manufactured in a controlled environment.

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Are Melamine Cabinets Good Quality?

Well, if you are looking forth to have melamine cabinets, the quality will be an inevitable consideration. You will need to have your cabinets serve you the longest period they can.

Therefore, are melamine cabinets really good quality? Yes, melamine cabinets are of good quality

Melamine has had much popularity recently in cabinetry. This comes with a number of reasons leading to most of the homeowners preferring the use of melamine cabinets or other materials. Melamine wood has been prevalent in cabinetry ranging from kitchen to bathroom cabinetry.

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Below are some of the reasons I consider melamine cabinets to be of good quality for you;

  • Perfect Finish – Most cabinetry needs simple color schemes, especially on kitchen cabinetry. With this, therefore, modern kitchen contains a great look through the use of melamine cabinets. In addition to this, Melamine will give your cabinets a simple as well as a finish that is uniformed.
  • Budget-Friendly – Unlike the use of solid wood cabinets, melamine cabinets will save you on your budget following budget constraints. It provide homeowners with low cost yet providing high quality and durable cabinets for your home.
  • Durability – Melamine cabinets are highly durable through which they are highly resistant from normal kitchen conditions and those of bathrooms such as exposure to moisture, heat and stains. As a result of this, they will last for a long period compared to most of the other cabinets.

What are the Disadvantages of MDF?

MDF though being a great option when it comes to materials you use for your furniture, it is currently being overtaken by Melamine. This is due to some of the additions which come with the use of Melamine.

Generally, MDF is a great option over particleboard, plank wood, as well as high-density fiberboard. Furthermore, it can be used in many pieces of furniture hence making it amazing for builders. Nevertheless, it has some of its drawbacks when used in making furniture.

Below are some of the disadvantages of using MDF on your furniture;

Weaker compared to real wood; hence it could crack when subjected to much stress. You will, therefore, need to use it in specific areas where it is secure.

It uses many nails on installation as it is not as dense compared to real wood. Otherwise, the MDF will drop in the middle hence making the installation seem unprofessional.

Nailing it is not easy as it does not take nails perfectly as that of real wood and instead, it creates a volcano effect which needs you to sand down the MDF outside to have a smooth surface.

Final words

Though MDF has been for a long time stronger than Melamine, Melamine is currently having much popularity with most homeowners going for Melamine over MDF.

The main reason why Melamine is now stronger than MDF is the ease of installation together with the high durability of Melamine over MDF.

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As a matter of fact, Melamine is resistant to any stains, water as well as heat. This has seen it perfect on use for bathroom and kitchen furniture.

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Nevertheless, it is not final to conclude that Melamine is stronger than MDF, but this will be highly determined by what you need and the furniture you need it for. This is so as some furniture will work best with Melamine while others will work best with MDF.

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