Which Country Makes the Best Carpets

Carpets are a thing of beauty. They add warmth to a room, they make it more comfortable and most importantly, they protect your flooring from all the dirt that gets tracked in on shoes every day. Have you ever wondered what country makes the best carpets? Well wonder no longer because we have compiled a list for you.

There are many factors that go into making a quality carpet. It must be made of durable materials, it needs to have the perfect weave and there is no denying that color plays an important role as well. So which country makes the best carpets?

1) Iran

Iran is a country that has been making carpets for over 5000 years. They have perfected the craft and today they are widely considered to make some of the best carpets in the world.

The process starts with shearing, sorting and washing raw sheep’s wool from around Iran as well as using synthetic fibers or recycled materials. The next step involves spinning them into yarn then dyeing those threads before weaving them together on looms by hand which produces about 100 knots per square inch! The end result can take up to two months to create and it even requires an individual weaver to inspect each carpet after completion so you know your money will be going towards quality every time you buy one.

Iran is known to make carpets in a variety of styles including flat weave, pile or high-low. The country is also known for their ornate patterns and intricate designs which are the main reason why they make excellent quality carpets that will last you many years to come!

So if your looking for some new flooring then Iran may be the place to find it! And while you’re there check out what else this wonderful country has to offer as well. They have long been considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world so who knows maybe next time you’ll travel here instead?

2) China

China is another country that has been making one of the best carpets in the world. However unlike Iran, China only started exporting their products in the 1950’s after they began developing synthetic fibers to meet with growing international demand.

The quality of Chinese carpets varies greatly because there are so many different types and regions where carpets can be found such as Tibet, Qinghai province or even Sichuan province just to name a few! Their variety makes it difficult to estimate which region produces the best but we do know that both Tibet and Qinghai were known to produce some of the finest woolen rugs until recently when more modern practices took hold and replaced them.

One thing you will notice about most Chinese carpet they tend not have very ornate patterns which is most likely the reason why they are not as sought after in terms of quality. However that does not mean that they are all poor quality because many Chinese carpets have excellent hand-knotted wool on silk or cotton foundations with great attention to detail! So if you’re looking for a more understated look then China may be just what your looking for but keep in mind their prices tend to reflect this so it may not always be worth spending extra money when there’s other countries out there producing similar products at better value.

3) India

India is best known for their hand-knotted wool rugs with silk foundations which has been a tradition in India since the Mughal Empire (1526–1857). And as you would expect, Indian carpets come at an extremely high price. However they do make excellent quality handmade carpets that are made to last.

They typically have intricate patterns and designs but there are some who prefer more neutral colors so it just depends on your personal preference. Plus if money isn’t really issue then this may be the best place to go when looking for new flooring because not only will you get peace of mind knowing your getting top notch quality every time, most places also offer customizations such as size or color so no need to settle for anything less than exactly what you want!

So if your looking for the best carpets in terms of quality and design then India is where it’s at. Not only will you find some finest handmade rugs that are made with high-quality materials but you’ll also get great sales prices on top of that so why not make a visit next time your needing new flooring?

4) Afghanistan

Afghanistan is best known for their high-low carpets which are made from natural materials such as wool and cotton. However because there isn’t much of a market for Afghan products, they tend to be more expensive than other top quality carpet producers but that doesn’t mean it’s worth the extra money. In fact Afghanistan has been making some excellent handmade rugs with great attention to detail since 400 BC so you know your getting something special when you buy one.

Their designs can range anywhere from traditional tribal patterns using earth tones or even contemporary structures using modern colors and unique textures. So whatever style best suits your home then chances are Afghans got you covered because this country does not disappoint in terms of quality at least not anymore anyway.

5) Switzerland

Switzerland is best known for their hand-knotted silk rugs which are made with the best materials available. However they do tend to be more expensive than other countries carpets but just like all things in life you get what your paying for so no need to worry about subpar quality here.

What makes Swiss carpets unique is that because of their region, climate and topography there’s a wide variety of styles ranging from traditional floral designs using bright colors to contemporary geometric patterns using neutral tones. Plus most places offer customizations as well such as size or color which can make finding exactly what you want pretty simple.

6) Turkey

Turkey is best known for their hand-knotted silk carpets which have been a tradition since the 17th century. In fact Turkish carpets were so popular that they became part of Ottoman culture and served as status symbols to those who could afford them. However because there’s such a high demand, prices can be pretty steep but just like all things in life you get what your paying for especially when it comes to quality!

What makes Turkish rugs unique is that many are single wefted meaning that only one piece of thread goes through each row rather than two or more threads going from side to side across multiple rows. But if this isn’t really an issue then Turkey may still be best go not only will you find best-quality handmade rugs but you’ll also get great deals on top of that.

Last Words

In Conclusion, we have had a look at the best countries that make the best carpets in the world and hopefully you now know exactly where to go when your looking for best-quality rugs. From there, it’s up to you as there are plenty of designs and customization options available so no need to settle for anything less than what suits best with your needs.

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