Where do the rich buy their furniture?

Have you ever wondered where these rich guys get their furniture? Well, this has been a surprise and a dilemma for most people. Are there any high-end furniture designs meant for the rich? Or are there special places where these people go to purchase their furniture.

The likes of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg and many other rich people are the one we are referring to. I bet you must be lucky to ever meet one of them in any furniture store. Otherwise, you will never see them near these places.

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Normally, most of the rich people in the world buy their furniture by paying interior designers who are well experienced in the furniture market. Though some stores such as the Macy’s furniture have been believed to the for the rich, this is not the case as most rich people buy their furniture from interior designers who are connected to some dealers in furniture.

Keep reading as we look more into where the rich buy their furniture.

High-End and Luxurious Furniture Brands for the Rich

Not all furniture is suitable for the rich? Why? The higher your wealth, the higher the need for comfier. In addition to this, there will be a need in elegant styles that are hand-made by furniture artists.

The combination of creativity and the comfy on these furniture brands, makes such brands to be highly-priced. As a result of this, they are mainly affordable for wealthy people. These furniture brands use classic and modern designs through which they add up the element of high quality materials together with amazing designs making them highly valuable.

Here are some of the best high-end and luxurious furniture brands that are bought mainly by the rich.

Edra Furniture

Among the major furniture brands for the rich is the Edra furniture brand. This furniture brand incorporates a mixture of both the modern as well as the traditional designs. Innovative technology gets its use in this furniture brand with amazing artwork.

This, as a result, brings pieces of furniture that are unique and distinguishable. As it is a blend of both the artistic tradition and modern technology, Edra furniture adapts easily to different homes and environments. If you have been looking for contemporary furniture, then Edra furniture would be one of the best picks for you.

Edra furniture brand will cost you not less than $16,000

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Boca De Lobo Furniture

Boca de Lobo targets wealthy people in society. This is through making the furniture gain as much value as possible. The extravagance of Boca de Lobo furniture brand leaves its clients with full satisfaction of gaining more than the furniture they would ever expect.

Its design is of a high-end class and hence making it affordable to the rich. The target of Boca De Lobo furniture is to ensure that it provides an emotional experience to its clients such that everyone will enjoy this furniture brand to the end. Lastly, they ensure that the quality of this furniture brand is never compromised. As a result, the longevity of these pieces of furniture is unquestionable.

Boca De Lobo will cost you not less than $20,000

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Henredon Furniture Brand

Henredon furniture brand is one of the long-lived furniture brands ever to maintain its standard and level of class. This furniture brand commenced in 1945 and has grown to being one of the most expensive furniture brands globally.

 It remains to be the furniture brands that focus on modernism. In this, Henredon furniture brand provides the best trending designs in fashion.

As you know, no rich person wants to be out of fashion, not only on the wear but also on the furniture fitted in his/her home. Think of these rich guys who will always have visitors who are expectant to meet high-end and trending designs.

As a result, Henredon furniture brand ensures that the rich get these trending designs. In addition to this, the quality, as well as the reliability of the furniture, is well maintained. The quality, as well as the unique designs from Henredon, comes from its highly skilled workforce that is well trained.

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Fendi Casa Furniture Brand

This furniture brand was introduced in 1987 on the company known as Fendi Casa. This furniture brand has grown to become one of the iconic furniture brands which are highly esteemed to rich people.

Fendi Casa furniture brand focuses on providing a perfect blend between the lifestyle of the rich and the quality they need. As a result of this, this furniture brand contains harmony in its fashionable design as well as its interior design.

The pieces of furniture from Fendi Casa are usually highly luxurious. Not only this but also the design of the furniture is highly modern, making this furniture brand to be one of the most fashionable furniture brands globally.

Fendi Case will cost you not less than $20,000

Brabbu Furniture Brand

The creativity incorporated in Brabbu furniture brands has made it to be one of the most expensive high-end furniture. As a result of this, it is affordable to the rich.

Brabbu furniture brand maintains a certain organizational culture that embraces strong traits on its furniture. The culture maintained is from the Japanese mythological fish KOI, which can easily adapt in different environments.

This culture is maintained to ensure that their furniture brand can adapt to different environments and different areas you might need to furnish your home. As a result of this, its pieces of furniture can adapt to a different setting in any home.

Bentley Home Furniture Brand

Bentley home furniture brand is one of the most expensive high-end furniture brands just for the rich. It contains two partners in the furnishing industry who include Club House Italia and Bentley.

Club House Italia is responsible in furnishing homes, yachts, private jets and hotels. On the other hand, Bentley is responsible for furnishing some of the most expensive cars for the rich on its interiors.

With the blending of the craftsmanship as well as the skills both from Bentley and Club House Italia, Bentley home furniture brand has maintained a high-end quality in the market hence making it to be one of the best as well as a highly valued furniture brand.

Where do the Rich Buy their Furniture?

Well, this is the solid part of the reason you are here. You might be wondering where the rich buy their furniture. On the other hand, you might be one of the new rich guys, and you might be in search of where you will purchase your next pieces of furniture to furnish your home.

Generally, most rich people are usually busy and might find it hard to visit a furniture store just to get furniture. As a result of this, most rich people do not buy furniture on their own. Nevertheless, rich people will buy furniture by relying almost entirely on interior designers.

They will contract the best interior designers in the town through which they pass across the idea to what they need to see furnished in their home.

It is surprising as most rich people might not have a specific clue on what they fully need. As a result of this, the interior designers will rely on the imaginations the rich guys have. With this, they then put in their expertise and creativity in coming up with the furniture suiting the rich.

Interior designers, however, will be limited with the budget they are provided while furnishing the home. The larger the budget, the more flexible the interior designers will be in providing what fully suits as instructed.

They will go for high-end furniture, which is the most expensive. In addition to this, the interior designers will add some real antiques on the furniture that will match the whole design and the look of other furniture.

However, as the homeowner, you should never leave the whole task to the interior designer. Always ensure you keep checking on the work in progress. This will ensure that you give the go-ahead or you request for changes earlier. Remember that any designed room without the homeowner’s personal touch will be quite dissatisfying.

Furthermore, rich guys will avoid providing a specific budget as financing the furnishing is not an issue. Nevertheless, they will provide the whole idea and ask for a quotation from the interior designers. This is much beneficial as it allows the interior designer to be more open in providing the best without getting worried about huge budgets.

Furniture Stores for the Rich

In general, “the rich buy like the rich do.” A typical wealthy person would spend about $75,000 on furniture and home decor. If you are a wealthy person, you must have found it difficult to know where the rich buy their furniture. If you are rich, you must have spent a great deal of money and effort to buy your furniture. If you are not rich, you may be wondering why the rich spend so much on furniture.

The wealthy buy their furniture from various stores in the United States. For example, they can purchase furniture from a department store. The wealthy would buy their furniture from a department store because it is an expensive product that requires high quality and design. However, it is also possible for them to purchase their furniture from other stores like Ikea or Crate & Barrel. The wealthy would buy their furniture from Ikea or Crate & Barrel because they are cheap and available in different designs and styles such as modern and traditional. In general, the wealthy have different options for purchasing their furniture.

Another option for rich people is choosing to make their furniture themselves. The wealthy can choose to make their own furniture because it is an easy and interesting process. In general, the wealthy have many different options of where they can buy their furniture and they do not always buy from one store. Therefore, the wealthy are very influential when choosing where to buy their furniture.

Some of the stores that rich people can purchase furniture from are:

1) A&Z Furniture

A&Z Furniture is a furniture store that has a huge selection of antique and vintage furniture. The rich people can purchase antiques at this store. To shop at this store, they have to have high salaries and at least $24,000 in monthly income. The wealthy can also choose to make their own furniture or buy antique furniture from this store.

2) Living Spaces

Living Spaces is an upscale home furnishings retailer with over 600 stores throughout the United States. This store has furniture for every room in the house including beds, chairs, tables, and cabinets. Living Spaces sells top-quality furniture in its modern designs for prices that are affordable for the wealthy. To shop at this store, you must be worth over $500,000 in assets.

3) Drexel Place

Drexel Place is a furniture store that specializes in modern furniture for the rich and famous. This store sells furniture that is unique and not available anywhere else. The mix of colors and styles makes this store very appealing to the rich as it adds to their personal style. All of the wealthy can choose from a wide selection of colors that they want to match with their personal style.

4) Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is an upscale home furnishings retailer with over 3,000 stores throughout the United States. This modern home furnishing store has a wide variety of colors and styles which are useful for every room in your houses such as chairs, sofas, tables, cabinets, and bedding.

5) Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond is a modern home furnishing store that specializes in providing customers with the best quality furniture at reasonable prices. The store provides customers with a wide range of furniture in various styles to help match the customer’s personal style.

6) Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is a large retailer of decorative items like paintings, lamps, rugs, and more that are suitable for any type of house decoration to make your house look luxurious. This store has many items in its warehouse which are ready to be sold to you if you want new decorations for your house or want something different from what you usually get so you can match your personal taste. With this modern home furnishing store, you can buy furniture items you like at reasonable prices.

7) Home Goods

Home Goods is a modern home furnishing store that sells furniture that is designed specifically to fit all types of homes. The store offers many different styles of furniture for all rooms in your house and has a wide variety of colors, designs, and selections. Home Goods has all the latest designer styles making it easy for you to purchase your own personal furniture items without having to go to the shops which are full of overpriced items most people never buy.

8) West Elm

West Elm is a classic home furnishing retail chain that specializes in modern designers with a focus on creating an interiors makeover for their customers’ homes with great-looking furniture and objects that go well together. West Elm has brought the trend to branches around the world.

9) Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a large home furnishing retail chain with stores all over the world featuring items designed by interior designers and artisans. Using their own design teams, they create a wide variety of furniture and decor items making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for at affordable prices.

10) The Home Depot

The Home Depot is one of the biggest home furnishing retail chains in the United States with over 2,000 stores all over North America. The store offers different types of furniture products like carpeting, window treatments, lighting, kitchen items, and more at very reasonable prices which make it a favorite among many homeowners.


Having a personal touch is inevitable when it comes to furniture improvement in one’s home. The rich are the most addicted to this, and they will look forth into having what they love on their furniture at all cost. The combination of both unique as well as elegant pieces of furniture in the home becomes a hobby.

Like museums, the rich will love to have new displays all the time just to define them and give them a taste of fashion, not forgetting the love of antique and contemporary furniture.

With all this, they are always in dire need of obtaining new and fashionable furniture in the market. To ease their work of searching where to purchase furniture, the rich will involve interior designers who will look for the best pieces of furniture to fit their needs.

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