What is the Best Wood For Indoor Furniture?

Wood for your indoor furniture will depend on the quality as well as the preference you choose as different wood come with different colors and grains.

Indoor furniture is an amazing selection of anyone’s furniture putting into consideration that everyone looks forth in having the best furniture in his or her own home.

From my personal experience, I have noted that having a specific wood for your indoor furniture will determine to a great extent what you enjoy in your home.

Furthermore, there are major differences between indoor furniture and outdoor furniture which make it a necessity to have the best wood for your indoor furniture.

As a matter of fact, you will have to put several implications into consideration before determining what will be the best wood for your indoor furniture.

When I made the decision of furniture my home with indoor furniture, I had an amazing journey and today I am glad of what I have in me.

With this, therefore, I will take some few minutes in sharing with you my experience and what I personally believe to be the best wood for indoor furniture.

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Before you decide on the wood you need to use for your indoor furniture, it is essential to know the difference existing between indoor and outdoor furniture.

This will give you a clear picture of what you expect to have together with what is needed in any indoor furniture. Typically, furniture is mainly classified as either indoor or outdoor furniture.

Generally, indoor furniture can never be used outside though outdoor furniture can be used inside your house. The type of materials as well as style of indoor furniture will vary and differentiate itself from that of outdoor furniture.

The major difference indicated include the appearance as well as the function of these two different classifications of furniture. Outdoor furniture has a different appearance with indoor furniture in which is mostly uses rattan waving as well as textylene.

These types of furniture require to have styles and materials which can easily withstand sun and rain. This will as well include their cushioning which need to be strong and resistant from sun and rains.

On the other hand, when it comes to indoor furniture, people generally love warm colors such as light warm, dark red as well as gloss art fiber warm tone. Furthermore, other indoor furniture such as tables and chairs incorporate the use of solid wood.

Indoor furniture will not necessarily require the use of materials resistant to water or sun as they area underroof making them well protected.

With the above, therefore, it is essential that most indoor furniture include the use of wood rather than outdoor furniture which may include the use of other materials such as aluminum.

Importantly, we need to know the different types of wood you might include in the production of your furniture. Check below to have your best.

Types of Wood used in Indoor Furniture

In selecting the type of wood to use in your indoor furniture, you either have two options to select from.

The options you have include either the use of the following major types of wood;

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood

These types of wood come in different density, color, finishing as well as grain. Despite the fact that you can use any type of wood in making your indoor furniture, not all wood will be suitable for your specific furniture.

This makes it critical and essential to have an optimal choice on what type of wood to choose. This will determine what you expect from your furniture whether it be the durability or the design of your indoor furniture.


Hardwood as its name suggests doesn’t necessarily mean the hardness or the density of these types of trees. Hardwood have their uniqueness in taking long time to mature.

These trees grow slowly with denser wood fibers. Some of the major types of hardwoods include; walnut, oak, maple and black ironwood. These types of woods are characterized by the following;

Slow growth rate compared to softwoods hence making them quite expensive compared to softwoods.

High durability with less probability in decay and rotting. This is from the close grain they contain and due to this, they require low maintenance.

Contain perfect fire resistance together with having a low sap content. As a result of this, they are taken to be the best when it comes to wooden flooring.

Perfect for furniture making despite not all hardwood suiting furniture making.

Hardwoods you might consider for your indoor furniture include the following;


This is a popular choice for furniture making following its durability, beauty as well as color which match easily with most indoor furniture. Furthermore, it does not contain pockets or voids as well.

It is characterized by the following;

  • Reddish-brown color
  • Medium texture density
  • Straight grain
  • Contain a sanding sealer finish

Red Oak

This is taken to be a highly durable as well as a strong hardwood suitable for your furniture if you are looking for the following;

  • Pinkish Red color
  • Hard and strong density
  • Porous grain patterns
  • Natural finish though varies at times.


This is taken to be highly durable, sturdy and splitting resistant. Cleaning this wood is also very easy with a damp cloth making it perfect for kitchen furniture. Below are some of what you expect from this type of wood for your indoor furniture;

  • Reddish-brown color
  • Hard and strong density
  • Straight and closed grain
  • Perfect for all finishes


Ash trees are common in most areas globally with them being both medium as well as large trees. Normally, they are mainly tough, durable, flexible and with a smooth to touch feeling. It is one of the best despite its unpleasant smell when it is being worked on. It features the following;

  • Creamy-brown light color
  • Flexible yet tough density
  • Open grain patterns with brown streaks
  • Fits all finishes


Another amazing hardwood you will find to be an optimal choice for your indoor furniture is teak. This has been known mainly in the native Thailand and India. It is one of the highly durable hardwoods you will find as well as one of the hardest. Usually weather resistant though you may find it quite expensive than you may think of. This wood features the following;

  • Medium brown or golden color which darkens with age
  • Strong as well as heavy density
  • Finish is best with use of wood lacquer


This is another major type of wood used in making indoor furniture with its use being mostly prevalent in most types of furniture. In most cases, they are evergreen trees which are seed bearing and include wood coming from trees such as pine, fir, spruce, juniper, cedar, yew and red wood.

One of the main distinguishing factor in these types of wood is from trees which grow tall and straight making them best for furniture timber. Below are some of the distinguishing characteristics of these types of wood;

Featured with better finishing as they lack vessels hence they absorb adhesives easily.

Universal use applicable through which it is essential in building materials such as exterior and interior wall, floor coverings, and many more.

It is termed to be the best as wood for furniture as it is of a lightweight structure together with being of a fine structure as well.

Types of softwood used in Indoor Furniture

Softwood has had much use in making indoor furniture with some of the major woods used from softwoods include the following;

Parana Pine/Brazilian Pine

This is a softwood native in Southern America which has high shear strength together with high capacity in holding nails compared to most softwoods. Below are some of it’s the features you expect to have in your furniture;

  • Contains a medium brown light color
  • Light yet hard density
  • Features a straight and uniform grain
  • Perfect finish though needs seal coats

Lodgepole Pine

This is a common type of softwood pine prevalent in Canada and Western North America. It is the best when it comes to paneling with its multitude of dimples. This type of wood for indoor furniture features the following;

  • Light reddish to the yellowish-brown color
  • Lightweight yet strong density
  • Straight grain
  • Perfect finish which needs sealing of oil or water based polyurethane

Eastern White Pine

This is a unique softwood mainly available in the Eastern North America. Considered to be one of the most valuable types of wood you can have in your indoor furniture. It is readily available and relatively cheap hence making it common to persons with budget considerations. Below are some of its features;

  • Light brown color  with a reddish hue
  • Lightweight and soft density
  • Tight and straight grain
  • Needs a finish with oil or water based polyurethane

White Spruce

This type of wood for indoor furniture is common in the northern regions and spreads wide to the Europe. It is a perfect choice when it comes to screwing as well as nailing needs. In addition to this, it is also highly resistant to decay. This wood features the following;

  • Light yellow or the reddish brown color
  • Moderately hard density
  • Straight grain
  • Perfect finish which just needs the use of a toner or a gel stain

Final Words

The type of wood you choose to be in your furniture greatly contributes to what you enjoy in the rest of your days with your indoor furniture. Don’t just purchase a furniture without having the knowledge of the type of wood used. Otherwise, you will be in for a shock as sellers will optimize on profitability.

Nevertheless, there is no worry with these best as well as optimal choices of wood you will use in indoor furniture

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