What Color Paint Goes with Dark Furniture?

Furniture color blending with the wall color is essential when it comes to interior design. Most people leave out the point of determining the best colors which match your furniture.

Nevertheless, it is a key area to put your focus on the color matching to ensure that you create a blending atmosphere inside your room. This, as a result, will affect not only the choice color you put but also other decorative elements in your ceilings, and walls which will create that first impression to any person getting to your house.

You need to put a focus of this, especially to your living room, considering that this will be the place visitors will experience the touch of your home décor. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of just having a mess of amazing furniture with poor color matching.

Generally, dark furniture blended with dark walls will make your room look dull. The vice versa is true in which light furniture never match with light walls. As a result of this, an optimal blend is needed to create a glowing look to the whole room.

Matching Furniture Colors with Wall Color

The big question and concern, to most homeowners, is whether they need to bother themselves in matching the color of their furniture with that of the wall. Matching the colors for both your wall and the furniture is essential as it will create a tone that will make your living room or any other room more comfortable.

This is not a big task that should take much of your time. All you need are the tweaks you need to implement. This will be an open door to creating a big difference in your room.

Adjusting the color of your furniture could be quite hectic. However, adjustments on the wall are far much easier. This is so as it will just need you to have the right color and then apply the specific paint matching your furniture to the wall.

The basic idea in matching the color of your furniture with that of the furniture is in creating a tone that brings a perfect blend rather than shrinking the look of the room. Normally, you should avoid picking the same colors both for your furniture and the wall color.

Light furniture colors never match light wall colors. Likewise, light-colored walls will not match with the cool dark-colored furniture. As a result of this, we need to integrate properly on the right colors for the dark furniture.

What Color Goes with Dark Wood Furniture?

The general rule on the color that go with dark wood furniture is that lighter walls will go with dark furniture. However, despite this fact, the color match might slightly have to change to get the perfect blend determined by the exact color of the furniture.

The contract between the color of the furniture and that of the wall should not be on either extremes. It should not be excessive nor should it be too close to each other. The balance of the two colors should, however, be on a medium-contrast through which the range should not be too offensive or shouting to the eyes.

The color of the walls should, however, remain lighter than that of the dark furniture. To ensure you get a perfect blend, you will as well need to match the furniture with the curtains and rugs as well.

To avoid too many shades in your room, you may consider matching the curtains with the color of the furniture while the rugs match the color of the wall.

Let us have a look at some of the colors that go with dark furniture;


White color is one of the main color paint which goes with dark furniture. One of the main reason causing white color to be one of the best choices, is due to is a versatile neutral characteristic, that makes it essential for dark furniture.

With dark furniture being dull in appearance, white color paint will brighten as well as lighten the look of your interior. White color will eliminate and neutralize the dull color of the dark furniture.

Nevertheless, one should avoid using pure white color on the paints as this would create complete contrasts rather than complementing and neutralizing the dark furniture. In regard to this, one should use a low-sheen white color on the highly varnished wood furniture while the high sheen white paint should be used on the shiny dark wood.

In the case your furniture is of the yellow or the reddish color tones, you can consider using the creamy white while the base should be yellowish.

Grey Color

If you are looking towards having an elegant look at complementing your dark furniture, grey color would be one of the best options you could have for your color tones.

Having a combination of dark furniture with grey paint will make the room get an elegant look as this color blends easily with dark wood. The main reason for the perfect blending is from the low contrast created by grey color on dark furniture.


Pairing dark furniture with tones of Fuchsia on your walls will assure you of brightening your room.

The shade brought about by the fuchsia tone on the room creates a different atmosphere created by dark furniture alone. This is through neutralizing the dark furniture in general.

In addition to this, it gives the room a feminine setting which would be hectic to have it with dark furniture such as brown furniture.

Blue Color

Blue is one of the current colors which are trendy in the current world. The beauty behind blue color has now come into limelight through which creates a modern atmosphere.

Blue color will pair with any other dark furniture easily in creating a cool tone to perfectly match the furniture. The amazing thing with blue color blending with dark furniture, it will create a modern as well as a traditional ambiance to your room.

The blending of blue color with dark furniture can be done in any room ranging from the living room, dining room to your bedroom.

Gold Color

This is another one of the amazing colors which easily blend with dark furniture. Gold color contains amazing bold characteristics that make it blend with dark furniture easily.

As gold color is highly bright, it will be neutralized by the dark furniture hence creating a charming look of your room. The touch of the gold color should, however, not be exaggerated to ensure that the cool and luxurious look remains rather than having too much bright color than the dark furniture in the room. This can be done by complementing the wall with other dark elements such as brown curtains.


Matching the appropriate color that goes with dark furniture could be quite hectic. Nevertheless, with the goal set, you will find it easy.

At any time, while matching furniture with the wall color, you need to ensure that a neutral look is your final goal. With dark furniture, you will be looking for a brighter color that will neutralize the dark element of the dark furniture.

Though there is no specific color which would give the optimal look and expectation on matching your furniture, the above recommendations will go a long way in giving you the best looks for your room. Try out this today, and be sure to have the best look for your home.

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