Polywood chaise lounge Comfortability, Durability and Pricing: Perfect Guide

Ever thought of having a Polywood Chaise Lounge? Well, stay in here as I guide you on all the use of the Polywood Chaise Lounge for your comfortability. Chaise Lounges make your outdoor have a different experience whereby you can enjoy whether on a beach or near your swimming pool at home.

If you have gone on a beach visit, you might be wondering what type of Chaise Lounge to choose to have maximum comfort. In look, Polywood Chaise Lounges seem to be uncomfortable. Nevertheless, with perfect construction ways, you will be surprised that they are comfortable far much more than you might ever think of.

What is a Chaise Lounge?

A Chaise Lounge is a long chair that contains an angled back on one end to provide full support to the whole body. Every Chaise Lounge should come with a backrest that is adjustable such that one can adjust it to the right angle providing you with maximum comfort.

Chaise Lounge date back to the 1600s where they were first spotted in France, whereby they were a symbol of status and luxury in society. Following the elegance and the status of the Chaise Lounge in France, its design got shared with America.

The original name for a chaise lounge in France was ‘Chaise Longue,’ whose meaning echoes a Long Chair. The term Chaise Longue got mistranslated in America and hence the birth of the name Chaise Lounge.

Chaise Lounges were at first made for indoor use. However, they got adopted for outdoor uses, where they became more prevalent than indoor use.

The popularity of Chaise Lounge kept on increasing in the 1800s and 1900s, especially in the parts of Hollywood.

Currently, Chaise Lounges are mainly used on beaches, unlike any other places where one enjoys a breeze from the sea, and are perfect for sunbathing due to coverage on the whole body.

Styles of Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounges come in different styles. This is to ensure that they meet your comfy needs as well as match your home décor. Additionally, the chaise lounge will defer depending on the place they are being used.

In simple terms, outdoor chaise lounges will be different from indoor chaise lounges. Furthermore, not all outdoor chaise lounges will be similar. Chaise lounges to be used in a beach setup will be different from those in an outdoor patio.

Some of the different chaise lounge styles include the following

  1. Chaise Lounge Chair Style

This is the most common type of chaise lounge style used globally. The Chaise Lounge Chair Style incorporates the chair design in the chaise. Furthermore, it features a seating contour that provides extra support to the legs.

Chair Lounge Chair Style and design can be used on both indoor as well as outdoor areas. If used for indoor purposes, cushions are inserted on the chaise lounge to make them feel more comfortable and lush.

Both the indoor and outdoor chaise lounge with the chair style can have an extra add-on for comfy through the inclusion of an adjustable back whereby one can increase or decrease the angle of elevation for boosting comfort levels.

  • Victorian Chaise Lounge Style

This chaise lounge style is composed of the implementation of unique ornate styles and designs on the woodworking done on the chaise lounge.

This includes designs contained on the legs, base, and the finish put on the chaise lounge. They can both be contemporary as well as modern designs.

Nevertheless, this style of chaise lounge is considered to be one of the most expensive chaise lounge styles, considering the design put in detail.

  • French Chaise Lounge Style

The French Chaise Lounge style is one of the stylish designs you can use in any chaise lounge. They come in different categories.

French Chaise Lounge Style features chaise lounges that have cushions with the backrest or the whole cushion having button Tufting. This makes the chaise lounge to be more comfortable, whether in the sitting area or on your backrest.

Some of the different types of French Chaise Lounge you will find include;

  • Meridian French Chaise Lounge – This French chaise lounge features an asymmetrical design. It has its backrest from one high to a low footrest with a sloping back. It is essential if you need to create a contemporary look considering its high-end fabrics, tufting, and intricate woodworking done on the chaise lounge
  • Recamier – This chaise lounge is mainly known due to its uniqueness, unlike most of the other chaise lounges with a backrest. The Recamier French Chaise Lounge features two raised ends with nothing on the long sides. They are essential in living spaces where you need to relax or stretch yourself.
  • Duchess Brisee – This French chaise lounge comes in two parts that are completely separate which include a chair and a long footstool for extra support on your legs. Moreover, it might also come with a second chair and the footstool coming between them.
  • Bench Sofa Chaise Lounge Style

This is a traditional form of chaise lounges whereby a chaise lounge is made through a chaise lounge sitting on a structure similar to a bench.

Some of the bench sofa chaise lounge styles might contain a backrest, while others come backless. This will, therefore, be dependent on what you love.

  • Contemporary Chaise Lounge Style

This chaise lounge style features one of the oldest designs, which gives a traditional look to your room. If you are looking forth to create a vintage look, then this is the chaise lounge style to go for. It combines several elements from all other options.

It can either have a backrest or not. In addition to this, it can also incorporate the sloping backrest or not. This contemporary chaise lounge style can incorporate the use of the adjustable backrests or not, where one chaise lounge can come with a footrest with others having no footrest.

What is Polywood Chairs Made Of?

Before you know whether the Polywood chaise lounge is comfortable, it is essential to know what Polywood chairs are made of. This is so as the material used in making Polywood chairs plays a great role in the determination of the comfort level you enjoy from the use of the Polywood chair or even a chaise lounge.

Polywood, in itself, is a woodlike material that is made from the use of recycled plastics that are shaped into boards or planks. From afar, Polywood material seems to be painted wood, whereas, in reality, it contains no wood byproducts or actual wood.

Polywood material is manufactured to enhance the durability of furniture designs to withstand outdoor conditions and other extreme conditions which real wood would be unable to withstand.

Polywood Composition

High-density polyethylene plastic materials are used in the manufacture of Polywood material. Such materials include plastic bottles that are cleaned and label removed. After this is done, the residue of the bottles is used with its original contents.

After the original content of the bottle is obtained, the plastic is mixed with foaming agents and dye to give them a similar look. The mixture is then pressed into the plank and board shapes, which give the product a look similar to that of wood.

As it is primarily of HDPE plastic, any furniture made from Polywood will be weather resistant. Nevertheless, Polywood might fade with continuous exposure to sunlight.

Nevertheless, companies manufacturing Polywood include UV-inhibiting pigment systems that are essential in limiting fading or Polywood material. As a result of this, I recommend that you take good care while purchasing Polywood furniture to ensure that you purchase from an approved organization that sells genuine Polywood furniture.

Why is Polywood Furniture so Expensive?

Well, in comparison to the use of other plastics, Polywood furniture is usually expensive. Nevertheless, this is not the case when comparing the prices of Polywood furniture to real wood furniture. Real wood furniture is significantly more expensive than Polywood furniture.

The reason why Polywood furniture is expensive is due to the procedure used in the preparation and manufacture of Polywood material. Its high strength to density ratio makes it quite expensive than normal plastics used in making furniture.

This high strength to density ratio, therefore, makes it to be highly durable, and hence you can use the piece of furniture for a long time without you disposing of it, unlike the use of real wood or plastic material.

Relatively, from my experience, Polywood furniture is cheap comparing it to most of the durable materials you might need. The quality and the lasting service you enjoy are quite exciting and incomparable with the price you pay.

Are Polywood Chaise Lounge Comfortable

Well, with a clear understanding of what is a chaise lounge with its different types, it is good enough to know whether a Polywood chaise lounge is comfortable or not.

First and foremost, you have no question about the durability of the Polywood chaise lounge, having an understanding of the composition of any chaise lounge made from Polywood material. This is so, as the Polywood chaise lounge will be highly durable and the perfect choice you will have for your outdoor use.

Polywood Chaise Lounge is comfortable as other normal chaise lounges you might use with other materials. The difference with the Polywood chaise lounge is that they are made of recycled plastic materials with other add-ons to ensure that the Polywood chaise lounge remains durable and strong enough.

In addition to this, the Polywood chaise lounge will give you extra comfort due to its smooth nature, unlike the use of real wood in your chaise lounges. The smooth texture obtained from Polywood material makes the feeling quite amazing while relaxing or stretching yourself, whether on a beach or even in your outdoor.

It is quite difficult to show a difference between real wood a Polywood material as the strength and look remains intact.

In summary, the Polywood chaise lounge is comfortable. They give you an amazing feeling on your relaxation with the smooth texture from Polywood material.

Furthermore, they go a long way in meeting your expectations in terms of durability. Polywood materials are highly durable, and this is the reason you will find most Polywood furniture having a warranty of 20 years and above. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy a long-lasting service on the use of Polywood furniture, unlike other pieces of furniture that have a short-lasting period.

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