King Size Beds: Why King or Queen?

King-size beds are the most popular choice for buyers. But why? What makes them so different from the queen or twin-sized beds? If you’re considering buying a new bed, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and how this will affect your sleeping habits. We’ll explore some of the many reasons that people choose king over other sizes, as well as some things to consider when making your purchase.

A king-size bed offers ample sleeping room for two people. This makes it a great choice if you have someone to share your bed with, and many couples find that the larger space allows them more comfortable in their sleep. When sharing a twin or even queen-sized mattress, both partners can feel restricted when one turns over or moves around during the night so they may wake up feeling tired from a lack of restful sleep.

With double beds being smaller than most standard mattresses today, this is an important consideration before making your purchase! King beds are also better suited for taller individuals who need extra length while lying down, especially useful for those suffering from back pain which can worsen due to poor support at night. If you don’t mind sacrificing some of your space, a king bed can be great for you if you are an individual who enjoys sleeping alone or someone that sleeps in very different positions.

Why is it Called King Size Bed?

A King Size Bed got its name from the size of a King’s Bed during Medieval times. A King would have a huge bed because it was meant to symbolize his power and strength. From then on, everyone else wanted a king-sized bed too. A King would get a bigger bed than everyone else because he was the King.

A King Size Bed is really just called a “King size” for short, but it has been known to get shortened down to “king”. The mattress used in King Size Beds is a standard 53″ x 76″. The mattress is then divided into two pieces, which are both the same size that a Queen or Full bed would have.

King Size Beds also come in a California King Bed and an Eastern King Bed. A California king has a width of 72 inches while an Eastern has a 78-inch width making it bigger than other Kings because it’s meant to fit taller people better.

King beds are also becoming increasingly popular in households with pets. Many dogs need their own sleeping space away from their owners which can be difficult when sharing smaller spaces like twin or queen mattresses that aren’t made for multiple people but don’t want to give up comfort either. Not only will your pet love its newfound space without you getting in the way, you’ll both get great sleep knowing he isn’t disrupting yours at night.

What should I consider when buying a King Size Bed?

A king-size bed is great for those sleeping alone, but if you plan to share your bed with someone else it’s important to make sure that the width of the mattress will be enough room. If you sleep in different positions and want both sides of the mattress accessible without disturbing each other during the night, then purchasing two twin beds would work just as well! Alternatively, couples can purchase a split-king-sized bed that has half on one side and half on another or left and right facing depending upon how they lay down at night. A lot goes into choosing what feels comfortable so we’ll discuss some more things to think about below:

When making such an investment, it’s important to consider your lifestyle, sleeping habits and even what side of the bed you sleep on. A King Size Bed can be great for some couples but not others depending upon their unique needs so it’s important that you know yours before making a purchase.

Some of the factors you need to consider when buying a King Size Bed include;

1) How big of a space do you have?

Although King Size Beds are becoming increasingly popular, they aren’t always the best choice for everyone. Are you okay with sacrificing some extra room in order to get more comfort at night when sharing your mattress with someone else? Or maybe it’s even worth getting two separate beds if that will work better for your situation! It’s important to consider all aspects before making sure you’re choosing what is right for you and your partner.

2) What is your sleeping position?

When you sleep in different positions, it’s important to consider how much space each of those will need. If you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, having more room on one half of the bed can be helpful so that there isn’t any obstruction when laying down at night. Then again if you’re okay with being squished together while sharing a mattress then maybe two twins would work better for both of your needs.

3) What other furniture will be in your bedroom?

A king size bed may seem like it takes up a lot of room and while that’s not always true, you need to consider how much space there is available before buying one. If you have heavy pieces of furniture such as an armoire or dresser already taking up the majority of the floor then maybe two twin beds would work better for both parties without infringing upon each others’ personal storage space!

4) What kind of mattress will you get?

There are a variety of different types of mattresses available, but when considering comfort and personal preference it’s important to make sure that whatever mattress you choose fits your dynamic. It can be hard enough choosing between two options let alone three or four so if this is the case then maybe looking into getting a split-king bed would work better for both parties!

5) What is your budget?

Finally, it’s important to consider what you can afford and how much extra comfort will be worth spending. There are many different types of king-size beds available such as split-king, adjustable, or California King which makes them more customizable than other bed sizes but they may come at a higher price point depending upon the materials used and style selected. If the size isn’t too big of an issue for either party then maybe two twin-sized mattresses would work better for both parties’ needs!

King Size Bed vs Queen Size Bed?

A King size bed is bigger than queen-size beds of course! A king mattress measures 76″ x 80″, whereas a queen size mattress measures 60″ x 75″. This means that the surface area on a king mattress is 20% larger than its counterpart and can fit one more person comfortably.

However, this may not always be practical as many couples find themselves falling off the edge when sleeping next to each other at night! Therefore, if you’re looking for something bigger without leaving too much room around your sleep space then consider investing in a California King size mattress instead which measures 72″ x 84″.

When compared to a Queen Size Bed, King size beds are larger in dimensions, but not by much. The Queen Size Bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long whereas the King Size Bed is 76×80 inches. This means that there’s only a 16-inch difference between each mattress width-wise and 12 inch lengthwise.

However, these measurements can vary depending upon the manufacturer so it may be worth checking before you purchase your next bed to make sure you’re getting what you want in terms of space.

King vs California king?  

A California king measures 72″ x 84″, making it slightly smaller than a king at 20% less surface area than its counterpart (king). However, both sizes still provide ample room for comfortable sleeping arrangements while giving couples enough space without infringing on their personal sleep space.

A California king is perfect for people who are looking to have more room on their bed while still giving each partner ample sleeping space without infringing upon the other’s personal side of the bed. It also works well in smaller rooms where a larger-sized mattress might overwhelm or make decorating difficult.

Types of King Size Bed Mattresses

King size beds come in a variety of different styles and materials so it’s important to consider the type you want before making a purchase, especially if there are two individuals who will be sharing. There isn’t necessarily one mattress that is better than another as each has its pros and cons depending on your needs but here are some types commonly used for king size bedding:

a) Innerspring

This kind features coils as their main support system which provide good bounce while also being durable enough to last longer periods of time with proper care. Innersprings can be made from either foam or metal material and typically offer more firmness options compared to memory foam mattresses due to the latter breaking down over long periods of usage (typically between three and five years).

This type is generally cheaper than memory foam mattresses due to the materials used in its construction and they also tend to be more supportive which makes them a great choice for back sleepers. However, metal coils can also shift over time so it’s important to check the base of your mattress regularly when using this kind as you might feel these movements beneath you depending upon how heavy or light you are.

b) Memory Foam

Often considered one of the most comfortable types on the market today because it contours around body curves while providing support from all angles. This means that even if someone changes positions throughout their slumber there won’t be any pressure points felt by either party due to proper weight distribution (unlike an innerspring mattress where one person’s weight can cause their partner to feel uncomfortable).

Memory foam mattresses are known for providing stress relief and reducing back pain which makes them incredibly popular with those who suffer from these issues. This material is also hypoallergenic (resistant to dust mites) making it perfect for individuals that might be sensitive or allergic to other types of bedding materials.

However, memory foam does tend to break down over long periods usage so there may be some sinking within the first five years depending on how often you use your mattress as well as its quality/density level. More expensive models typically last longer than less expensive ones but this also varies between manufacturers so always check before purchasing a new set.”

c) Latex

This type of mattress is known to provide the ultimate level of comfort and support while also being very durable. Latex offers natural cushioning that adjusts to an individual’s body temperature which means it won’t retain heat like foam or coil models can depending on how heavy you are (which causes them to soften). This makes latex a fantastic choice for people who tend to get hot at night as well as those with arthritis, migraines, or fibromyalgia since they don’t have pressure points pressing into their skin when lying down.

Latex mattresses are often considered best suited for heavier individuals due to the density levels used in their construction but this isn’t always true because there are several different types available today so be sure to check the quality of your mattress before making a final decision. These include Talalay, Dunlop, and Whipped which offer different levels of firmness that can accommodate all types of sleepers.”

d) Hybrid

Hybrid models combine many of the features found in other types and tend to be very popular with those who suffer from allergies or asthma because they offer a hypoallergenic layer that covers their coils.

This type is also known for being incredibly supportive which makes them great choices for side sleepers (unlike traditional memory foam mattresses). However, hybrids can sometimes feel too firm even when made with plush materials so make sure you check before buying one since this isn’t always true depending on its quality level.”

e) Organic/Natural Latex Mattress

These are often more expensive than standard latex beds due to how much organic material goes into their production process but they’re worth it if your budget allows as well as if you have any allergies or sensitivities that you need to accommodate.

These use only organic materials and natural latex in their construction which makes them hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, non-toxic (lead-free), and perfect for individuals who tend to get hot at night due to the fact they have a more breathable surface area.”

f) Pillowtop Mattresses

These are often made from foam but offer a separate layer on top of it that’s filled with stuffing such as cotton/wool etcetera. This type is popular because many people find pillows incredibly comfortable so having one built into your mattress adds extra cushioning while also being extremely soft when lying down. Also known for providing excellent levels of support this material does tend to be a little less durable than other types so if you weigh a lot or have an active lifestyle it’s best to avoid them.

g) Coil-on-Coil Mattresses

This type is often made from springs that are joined together and covered with layers of foam. They’re known for being extremely supportive but also not as comfortable as some other options on the market since they can feel firm when lying down (so those who like plush surfaces might find these uncomfortable). The good news though is that this kind tends not to sag much over long periods usage making them great choices for heavier people because their weight won’t cause any sagging in its surface.”

Is a king-size bed better than a queen-size bed?

Yes, a King Size Bed is usually better than a Queen Size Bed because it offers more room for the user to be comfortable. It also provides more support and durability while giving a better sleeping experience overall.”

However, there are also some advantages to choosing a Queen Size Bed over the King. This includes price since they’re generally cheaper than their larger counterpart for various reasons (which can be seen in another section of this article). Also because it has more portability and doesn’t take up much space when not being used.”

A King Size Bed will be perfect if you are looking for a bed that can accommodate two people comfortably or if you frequently have guests over. Otherwise, the Queen size will be fine and save you money.”

Benefits of a King Bed over a Queen bed

a) Price

A King Size Bed is usually a little more expensive than a Queen size bed. However, you can find them at lower prices online or in some stores that carry discounts on their products.”

b) Portability

A King Bed doesn’t take up as much space when not being used and it’s easier to move around if needed because of its smaller frame. This is thanks to the difference between sizes which makes this type lighter and easier to handle for most people.”

c) Durability/Quality Control 

In general, King beds tend to be made from higher quality materials meaning they’re less likely to break down after extended periods of usage (though with proper care even a queen-sized mattress will last). What also makes them more durable is the fact that there are fewer moving parts (because of their size) which means they’re not as likely to break down over time. This makes King beds better suited for heavier individuals who tend to put a strain on materials.”

d) Larger Surface Area/More Room

King Beds provide a larger surface area making it easier and more comfortable to move around while lying in bed, getting up or changing positions during sleep, etcetera. They also allow you to spread out without having any part of your body hanging off the edge meaning individuals with larger builds will find this type much more accommodating than Queen sized mattresses.”

e) Sleep Experience 

Some people prefer sleeping on surfaces because they feel like they get a better night’s rest when they’re on something that feels more like home. If you prefer this type of sleep then King Beds are perfect for you because it will be just like your mattress at home and allow you to enjoy the same amount of comfort.”

f) Support/Pressure Point Relief

The larger surface area also means there is more support in general so if weight or pressure points (shoulders, hips, etc.) hurt after sleeping then the extra space provided by a King Bed might help alleviate some pain allowing one to wake up feeling refreshed and less stiff.”

Final Words

King Size Beds provide maximum comfort but only if they fit all aspects of your lifestyle and sleeping habits which is why we want everyone to really take into consideration what their individual wants and needs are before making an investment. We hope this article has helped guide some questions towards figuring out what type of bed will work best for you!”

Other than that, we hope this article has helped you realize the benefits of King Size Mattresses and why they’re better than Queen ones. We also hope it has helped you understand the various factors to take into consideration when buying a new king-size bed and and other good information from this article.”

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