KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge Review, Features, Pros, Cons and Customer Reviews

Kids longers are a great ideal in making your kids experience an amazing experience while relaxing on a patio or even for the in-pool relaxation. You don’t need to do much to have your kids enjoy while you are having your nap outside your house. A KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge will give you everything you need for a superb experience.

Moreover, the price you pay for this Kids’ lounger is absolutely negligible, considering what deal you get into. It offers a perfect place the kids can enjoy together, having a great feeling of the breeze.

With this KidKraft double chaise lounge, you will eliminate every fight between your kids on who should get the comfy seat as each can stretch themselves comfortably on either side.

With a 3-sided canopy, they will be protected from all sunburns. Furthermore, this kid’s chaise lounge comes with 2 cup holders, which will provide a safe place to hold water and drinking bottles with no spillage. As a result, you can remain calm, knowing that your kids are fully protected and have the best time.

Here is a quick review of the KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge in 2024.

Why go for KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge?

KidKraft has had more than 50 years of crafting wooden furniture and toys. This has been centered in the enrichment and amplification of childhood through the enhancement of places where kids can learn, play, live and explore more about life.

KidKraft makes the double chaise lounges to ensure that it fits all backyards and homes where you might need to add them for your kids. With the incorporation of new technology, it embraces the modern needs of kids together with their wishes.

KidKraft makes sales of its amazing double chaise lounge to more than 90 countries globally hence being a solution to almost all homes globally. To make it better, KidKraft also makes sales of its products through Amazon, which is a global online market where sellers and buyers meet easily globally.

Some of the benefits for the KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge include the following;

  • Long-lasting Service – This kid’s chaise lounge will give you a long-lasting service through its durability brought about by the crafting of the durable wood material used in its manufacture.
  • Comfortable – Kids will get maximum comfort from the use of this chaise lounge. It comes with cushions that get inserted on both sitting areas hence making it fully comfortable.
  • Features inbuilt Cup Holders – Everyone is out there looking for a chaise lounge that comes with cup holders. This is so as cup holders will enhance the relaxation experience through which you can give your kids a drink to keep them busy as they relax.

Features of the KidKraft Chaise Lounge

This amazing kid’s chaise lounge comes with several features, which are amazing and ones that make it to be one of the best picks when it comes to the selection of kids’ chaise lounges.

Below are some of the features you enjoy from this Kids’ chaise lounge:

  • 3-Sided Canopy – This feature provides full protection from the sun on the kid’s vulnerable eyes and skin. You can either cover the full canopy or tie back the sides to give the kids a little breeze. With this, your kids will have full enjoyment as they have their time in the double chaise lounge.
  • Stylized Side Curtains with a Tie-Back – This chaise lounge features side curtains that have a tie back to ensure that you can put an opening for a breeze to get into the chaise lounge.
  • Additional Storage – This kids’ chaise lounge features additional storage that can accommodate an area to stow away toys together with other small valuables. As a result, therefore, you can have your kids have their toys together with them while relaxing. After use, they can then leave the toys in the storage area for later use when they need them.
  • 2 Cup Holders – This KidKraft Chaise Lounge features 2 cup holders, which will be essential for cold summer drinks for your kids. There will be no fights considering that it has 2 holders where they can place their drinking bottles in. Furthermore, there will be no spillages as the cup holders will make the bottles to be well fit with no dropping.
  • Chaise Lounge Cushions – This KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge comes with chaise lounge cushions for both seats, which enhance the comfort level for your kids. As a result, they can stay in the lounge for the longest time.
  • Sturdy Canvas and Fabric – Materials in making the curtains, cushions, and the chaise lounge are of sturdy materials, including the canvas, fabric, and wood materials used. These materials enhance the durability of the chaise lounge, making it withstand the outdoor weather.

KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge Specs

Below are some of the specs for this amazing chaise lounge;

  • 3-sided canopy for shading
  • 2 cup holders for stability and ease in accessibility of drinks
  • 2 lounge cushions for extra relaxation
  • Window style sides covered with tie-back curtains
  • A hidden storage compartment to stash toys and shades
  • Made of Sanmu Wood and fabric
  • Chaise Lounge dimensions are 92.71cm by 85.09cm by 89.54cm
  • The packaging box dimensions are 110.49cm by 41.91cm by 21.59cm
  • Made to suit kids at an age range of 3 years to 8 years
  • Recommended maximum weight is 160Lbs or 72Kgs

Instructions for Proper Maintenance

KidKraft constructs and designs the double chaise lounge with quality materials that have your child’s safety in mind. With this in mind, you are sure to receive the best quality from the chaise lounge you purchase.

Nevertheless, as with other outdoor products, you expect it to wear and weather. As a result, to enhance enjoyment, you will have to properly maintain the KidKraft double chaise lounge for an extra long-lasting service.

Kindly check the below guideline you can use later to ensure that you keep proper maintenance of the chaise lounge;

  • Check metal parts for rust. If found, sand and repaint using a non-lead paint complying with 16 CFR 1303.
  • Inspect and tighten all hardware. On wood assemblies NEVER overtighten as to cause crushing and splintering of wood.
  • Check for sharp edges or protruding screw threads; add washers if required.
  • Check all wood members for deterioration, structural damage, and splintering. Sand down splinters and replace deteriorated wood members. As with all wood, some checking and small cracks in grain are normal.
  • Applying a water repellent or stain (water-based) on a yearly basis is important maintenance to maintain the maximum life and performance of the product.
If the bolt protrudes, use an extra flat washer
Proper Bolt Position

KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge Assembly Instructions

For appropriate assembling of the KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge, you will need to follow a set of instructions from the manufacturer.

On purchase of the KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge, you will receive a manual with assembly instructions for the whole chaise lounge.

You are required to follow the step-by-step procedure to ensure that you get the full procedure right and make no omission. This will ensure that the chaise lounge is sturdy and strong enough as it has been constructed to be.

On purchase, you will receive a package of 27 parts. Confirm that you have all the parts with you first before you commence the assemblage. In addition to this, you will receive several screws, nuts, and Hex Keys you will require to use in assembling the chaise lounge.

The Assembly Instruction for the chaise lounge features a 22 step instruction with pictures. Ensure to follow the pictures as displayed to have the full assembly as it is supposed to be.

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