Is Steelcase Gesture Worth It?

Steelcase Gesture is a fantastic office chair, with a stylish and well-built design. It is an ideal ergonomic chair for those who want to invest in products that can help them achieve a healthier posture. The recline function on the chair comes in handy when you need to get up to stretch your legs or when you need to change your position for the purpose of better blood circulation. With its rich material, this chair will easily fit in any corporate environment. Weighing only around 12kg and measuring only 31cm in width and 73cm in height, the chair is a lightweight investment and can be carried around easily.

How Comfortable is a Steelcase Gesture

That being said, once you start sitting on it for hours at a time, you’ll be able to see the value. The upholstery of this chair is unbelievably comfy and it can easily swallow you up – no matter what your shape may be. The seat cushions and the lumbar support of this chair are also extremely accommodating and will ensure that your back and legs are always comfortable in the chair. When it comes to the footrest, that’s where things start to fall short for us as we don’t feel as supported on our feet when we sit in Steelcase Gesture.

With other chairs, we can feel our feet resting on some sort of cushion or platform which allows them to rest comfortably while being supported by an ergonomic structure. With Steelcase Gesture, the footrest is elevated but it doesn’t provide much for supporting your feet and the floor. Instead, we felt our feet rest on the frame and stand on their own. It’s only a small issue but when it comes to extended use, we feel like our feet would be more comfortable resting on some sort of platform or cushion rather than on a solid steel frame.

Steelcase Gesture Prices in Amazon

Overall though, this chair is exceptionally comfortable and once you get accustomed to the recline mechanism, you’ll be in heaven. The lumbar support and seat cushion are extremely comfy as well – which is why I would say that this chair will be suitable for taller individuals who have back issues or those who just want to renew

Is Steelcase Gesture Expensive

Steelcase Gesture might be a great ergonomic office chair, but it doesn’t come without a few minor frustrating issues. The first of which is the price point. If you’re on a budget, then you may have to look elsewhere first as this chair will cost you anywhere from $600 to upwards of $800 depending on where you purchase it from. You can also expect to pay an additional $400 for the reclining mechanism that comes with this chair as well.

Steelcase Gesture Prices in Amazon

Steelcase Gesture is quite expensive compared to other ergonomic office chairs out there. However, as we’ve mentioned at the very beginning of this review, this chair is made to last – and hopefully, it will last for many years to come!

How Durable Is Steelcase Gesture?

Steelcase Gesture is a well-constructed office chair that is strong enough to withstand everyday use. Each leg has a steel brace that prevents them from bending under heavy weight unlike other models out there that can bend over easily. This ensures that the stability of this chair is quite solid even after holding a heavy desk or computer arm for long periods of time.

The backrest is also very well constructed. The polyfoam padding has a shell attachment on which you can adjust the height of the back. The seat cushion is made from leatherette material that is breathable and comfortable to sit on. Single- or double-density foam makes up the seat cushion, while the backrest is made from a denser, quickly-drying foam.

All models come with a fabric cover for the chair’s hard plastic shell that prevents it from scratching or dinging against each other during difficult movements or when getting in and out of couches. The polyester used for its cover is also stain resistant although they do not provide much insulation to your buttocks especially during cold winter months.

The Steelcase Gesture weighs around 33 pounds which is quite heavy compared to other chairs out there but again, this will ensure that you have a very solid and sturdy chair.

Is Steelcase Gesture better than leap?

Both Steelcase Gesture and Leap are essentially the same chairs. The only difference is that the Leap has an adjustable seat height while Steelcase Gesture is fixed at a specific height.

The only advantage that Steelcase Gesture has over Leap is its sturdiness and durability but if you are looking for a chair that can take on heavy loads without breaking, then you are better off with Leap.

Best Steelcase Gesture Office Chairs

If you look at the price of both chairs, it will be easy to see why Steelcase Gesture costs more than leap. Compare its price to other brands such as Herman Miller or even cheaper brands like Chairs Direct, Steelcase Gesture will cost you around $500 for a basic model whereas leap is about $150 for a double-density foam model.

Prices for Leap Office Chairs

Even though Steelcase Gesture has a higher price tag than leap, it still offers great value for money since it comes with all the comfort features that any other high-end office chair should have. It’s very comfortable and can be used by anyone.

Steelcase Gesture vs. Herman Miller Embody

This is a very interesting comparison since both chairs are very similar in terms of design and features. The only difference is that Steelcase Gesture comes with a fixed seat height which means you have to adjust it manually while Herman Miller Embody has an adjustable seat height which means you don’t have to do anything when it comes to adjusting the height of your chair.

Herman Miller Embody Prices

Some people might prefer the ease of use that Herman Miller Embody offers but if you are looking for a chair with fixed seat height then Steelcase Gesture is the best option for you.

Should I Purchase Steelcase Gesture?

I highly recommend you to purchase Steelcase Gesture since it’s a high-quality chair that can be used by everyone and it’s very comfortable. If you are looking for a chair with adjustable seat height then this is the best option for you but if you are looking for a chair that can withstand heavy loads, then go for Ergon GP2 instead of Steelcase Gesture.

Where to Purchase Steelcase Gesture?

You can purchase Steelcase Gesture from Amazon or Ensure to first check out its features to ensure that you get the perfect chair you are looking for. Amazon will deliver the Steelcase Gesture to your doorstep while is a third-party seller that sells Steelcase products directly from the manufacturer and they ship worldwide.

How Much Does Steelcase Gesture Cost?

Steelcase Gesture is not a cheap chair but it’s one of the best chairs in terms of quality, features, comfort, and durability. If you are looking for a chair that is affordable then check out this link to find out more about the cheapest price tag on Amazon.

What are the Pros and Cons of Steelcase Gesture?

  • Pros: Very comfortable and sturdy chair with adjustable seat height. Has multiple adjustments for different types of users. Very durable and well-designed chair with many color options. Easy to assemble without any tools. Can be used by anyone from kids to seniors without any issues.
  • Cons: Can be heavy so you need to make sure that you have enough space in your home or office where you can place the chair properly. The price tag may be a bit too much for some people.


Steelcase Gesture is one of the best office chairs for people who want to work for a long time. This chair has the perfect combination of comfort and durability. The only downside is that it’s a little bit expensive but if you are looking for the best office chair then Steelcase Gesture is definitely one of the best choices.

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