Is Rubberwood a Good Quality Wood?

First, as the name of Rubberwood suggests, many questions will definitely rise up to you. This I must say that has been my case for a long time till the time I made the decision of coming in touch with Rubberwood itself. In contrary to its name, rubberwood would on a layman’s language seem to be a poor quality wood.

As a matter of fact, its name suggests flexibility as you will always accrue anything Rubber to be very flexible and not highly durable.

However, you can move with me as I give you the real experience I have had with the use of Rubberwood on my Furniture.

Let’s first drive this point home; Rubberwood is not in any way rubbery!!!

What is Rubberwood?

Before anything else, for you to get the clear argument of whether rubberwood is a good quality wood, you need to know what it is itself.

Generally, Rubberwood is an environmentally friendly wood from the medium-density as well as the light-colored tropical hardwood only that it is from the trees grown on the rubber plantations. Moreover, it has also been referred to as Hevea.

One of the main features which characterizes rubberwood is on its little shrinkage. Due to the little shrinkage feature of Rubberwood, it is then one of the perfect choice you will have for construction materials on furniture, kitchen accessories and on toys.

Facts about Rubberwood

There are some of the general facts you will find on any rubberwood you come across. On getting rubberwood for you furniture, then you will expect to have some of the facts I have taken time to study on every rubberwood I have come across and also one that I have done research on.

Below are some of the several facts about rubberwood;


The color of rubberwood is quite exciting as it is normally of light blonde which moves nearly to the medium tan color. This is usually its natural color without any finishing done on it. At times, however, you will find it with medium brown streaks which might not be a bother.

The color of the rubberwood will however darken slightly with the age of the rubberwood. When using rubberwood on furniture construction, then it is frequently stained and colored.

Rot Resistance

One of the major features that determines any quality of wood you use on any furniture is on its rot resistance. The rot resistance of the wood will determine to a great extent on the durability of this furniture. Rubberwood is quite medium on its durability considering that it is has less resistance on decay naturally especially when it comes to insect attacks.


This is an easy to use wood both on use with machine as well as hand tools. Furthermore, it works best with other finishes, stains together with glues hence I found it easy to work with any furniture.


One of the best features of rubberwood I noted over time is its sustainability. It has always been a great idea on using the rubberwood after it is no longer useful on the latex production.

Appearance of Rubberwood Furniture

Despite the name of rubberwood being quite confusing, it doesn’t mean that rubberwood is rubbery. As a matter of fact, rubberwood furniture appearance will be of a solid wood product which strong and durable on any furniture.

With the light color referred to as the light blonde to medium tan, use of rubberwood on furniture has become a popular attachment globally. You can relate its appearance with that of pine or popular. Therefore, you expect it to pick several types of finishes and stains as you love it.

Onn its coarseness, it is less on its coarse side which contains an open texture as well as straight grain. The only difference it has on maple is on its porous structure hence they hold each other many characteristics.

Is rubberwood a good quality wood?

Absolutely; Yes!!!

Why? You may ask, below is what I found giving me such a strong conclusion.

After putting several factors into consideration, I came with this conclusion and I’m sure you will concur with me.

There are many benefits that come with the use of rubberwood and the main benefit being the health benefits.

Below are some of the reasons why rubberwood is considered to be a good quality wood;


One of the main distinguishing factors on the use of rubberwood on your furniture is through its friendliness on the environment.

This is mainly so since most rubberwood get manufactured during the part of the latex development operation. This latex is normally from the sap from the forest.


This contributes to be one of the reason I take it to be a good quality wood for your furniture. Any furniture using rubberwood will have no bending or shrinking even with an electric component put in place.

This is from its dense feed charm accrued to this hardwood. Furthermore, it is a fast growing tree hence when chopping the forest doesn’t mean that you have interrupted with the ecosystem.


In most cases, budget will always be a factor to consider when it comes to any choice of material to use on your furniture. However, it is necessary not to compromise the material you use with a poor quality wood.

Rubberwood is well known as a normal component and it is of low cost considering that it first emerges from the latex-manufacturing operation rather than that of sale construction business.


Rubberwood is taken to be considerably a durable, tough, strong as well as a wood which has passed the test of time. You can be sure to have your furniture last for decades without getting bad.


While at the same time being a durable wood material, rubberwood is also a soft wood which makes it comfortable to walk on whenever you get tired.

As a result of this, it is mainly used on furniture in playrooms, bedrooms as well as on living rooms.

Low Maintenance

One of the essentials in determining the quality of wood used in your furniture will be on the maintenance level you will need while using your furniture.

In line with this, rubberwood is of low maintenance and you will expect to spend less while maintaining the good-look of your furniture.

This is from the consideration that it is a stain-resistant type of wood compared to other conventional types of wood.


The amazing thing which gets you on the use of rubberwood is that it is resistant to burns. Unlike most of types of woods, it will easily resist burns especially when it comes to some sources of heats such as a lit cigarette.

In addition to this, when there is fire, it do not release toxic fumes as it is non-toxic hence making it somewhat safer compared to most of the other types of woods.


Rubberwood is highly stable in which it rarely shrinks hence making it a stable material for construction of furniture for offices, homes as well as businesses.

Shock Absorber

Following its amazing feature in the shock absorbing capacity, rubberwood has had much popularity on use in areas such as playgrounds, gyms as well as play areas. It provides a perfect cushioning which easily prevents injuries.


In conclusion, rubberwood is one of the best types of wood you will find in the market. With your furniture fitted using rubberwood you are sure to have it for long period of time.

Despite it being an expensive type of wood, you might choose the quality rather than the pricing. As a matter of fact, it would be the best idea to you having a type of wood which meets your expectations rather than having it stay for a short period of time.

The qualities and characteristics of this type of wood make it to be an amazing choice on furniture both for home as well as on office use. With this, therefore, I therefore recommend you in having rubberwood in your next furniture and have the best experience you looked forth to. No more fears!!!

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