Is Ikea Furniture Good Quality?

Does budget friendly furniture really mean a compromise in the quality of furniture? Well, Ikea furniture proves this to be wrong. Ikea furniture has turned out to be one of the best furniture you can have in your home.

I kept wondering whether Ikea furniture is of good quality. To my surprise, I was in the same position as that of my friends who kept wondering whether it was worth purchasing Ikea furniture.

One of the major reasons drawing much of this query in our minds is the consideration that Ikea furniture has been taken to be one of the most low-budget furniture in the whole market.

This, to some extent, makes Ikea furniture somewhat seem to be of low quality. However, I got a completely different result on the several testing of the Ikea furniture proving that Ikea furniture is good quality.

As a result of this, you are sure of having worth investment in your furniture from Ikea.

Ikea being one of the best-selling furniture globally, is, therefore, an ultimate solution to your home furniture. Its furniture quality has been generally perfect through which proper assembly of the furniture assures you of a long-lasting service from this furniture.

Before providing you with a summed-up conclusion, let’s first get a tip of the many evidence assuring you of the quality you receive from Ikea furniture. In addition to this, it will as well answer some of the doubtful questions you might have in your mind.

Why is Ikea furniture so cheap?

One of the contradictory facts about Ikea furniture is its pricing. Amazingly, Ikea furniture is usually budget-friendly to an extent to which most people get fears of receiving poor quality when comparing what they pay and what they receive.

First, the simple designs by Ikea furniture save every penny out of the costing. The designs are as simple as possible in which they incorporate the use of the few components used on every other design from this company.

Furthermore, Ikea furniture reaches you as just a flat pack DIY system that needs proper assembly which is not only easy but perfect and unnoticeable at the end of the assembly.

Additionally, this pack comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to assemble hence they save on assembly costs.

This DIY system pack is highly portable in comparison to most types of furniture hence contributing the low-pricing at some point.

Being a furniture company, they purchase their materials in big bulks which come with huge discounts. In fact, suppliers compete supplying to Ikea at lower prices as they are sure of constant demand with timely payments. This, therefore, gives you a clear understanding of the reason you find most Ikea furniture cheap compared to other companies.

Is ikea furniture made of real wood?

The type of wood used in making furniture highly contributes to the quality of the furniture.

Most of the Ikea furniture offering features a mixture of solid wood together with particle board. However, the price of the furniture will tend to increase whenever there is an increase in the solid wood used.

Nevertheless, Ikea has also been making its furniture from particle-board which was basically junk. This furniture was lucky to withstand a service period of up to 10 years.

However, Ikea gave consideration of its customers’ preferences and reviews recently (2015) in which it decided to bring in a new line of solid wood furniture.

As a result of this, it has seen Ikea use 1% of the world’s wood on its furniture hence contributing highly to the use of the real wood on its furniture.

With the use of the real wood on its furniture, Ikea now gives its customers as well as the prospecting customers a chance to choose what type of furniture they need.

Currently, they provide a variation of both real wood furniture together with particle-board furniture. Real wood furniture will be expensive compared to the particle-board furniture.

Lastly, in cutting the costs hence reducing the price one is required to pay for, Ikea as well provides the furniture with a combination of real wood and particle-board at a specific proportion they define. This is essential for the persons looking forth in having both a durability factor together with having low-budget furniture.

What should you not buy at Ikea?

Though Ikea furniture is a great idea in having your furniture solution, not everything I would recommend you to purchase from Ikea. This will contribute to ensuring that you get the full satisfaction you need when using the materials you purchase from Ikea.

Below are some of what you should not buy at Ikea if you are looking forth to have full satisfaction;

Particle-board furniture

Though particle-board furniture is cost-friendly, it has been a great disappointment to most people. This is so as it does not last for long but is just a junk which will be lucky to last for 10 years.

However, if you are that person living in a rental, this would be a great choice for you as durability is not a major factor. Furthermore, Ikea furniture is highly portable as you can dismantle as well as assemble it yourself easily.

Nevertheless, if you are living in your own mansion, I recommend that you find the real wood furniture from Ikea, which will cost you extra bucks. Though it will cost you much, you will be sure of its durability to suit your use for a long period of time

Cabinetry and appliances

Though Ikea cabinetry, together with appliances contain perfect displays, their cost effectiveness is questionable. Unless you go there physically and sure of what you are taking to your house, I would then recommend you not to purchase this from Ikea.

However, if you have the physical visit to Ikea through which you can carry out a quality check, then it would be okay for you to purchase.

Does Ikea furniture last long?

A lot of Ikea furniture is sturdy and can last for long. However, as the assembly of most of Ikea furniture comes as DIY, you will need to follow the instructions to the letter to ensure that there is no mess while assembling the furniture.

One of the factors you should note is that Ikea furniture comes with different levels of quality hence differences in the durability levels.

The different qualities of furniture will, however, vary in their pricing through which the highly durable furniture costs far much higher than the less durable furniture which lasts for a short period.

Ikea furniture, which lasts for a long period of time includes that furniture made from real wood while the particle-board furniture does last for a short period of time though at much cheaper pricing.

Final Words

I guess and believe that with the above, you are sure about whether you are to go for Ikea furniture or not. It all depends on what you need and what you have in your wallet.

The general rule of Ikea furniture you can be sure is through receiving superb designs and styles. The quality is assured despite the low pricing compared to other manufacturers in the market, with the main reason being the bulk production by Ikea which gives them huge discounts among other factors.

I would recommend Ikea furniture further considering the changes established after the customer needs got consideration in 2015. This saw Ikea bring in amazing furniture without compromising on its quality.

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