Is Ethan Allen Furniture Good Quality?

I must be correct to identify that you are in a serious move to purchasing furniture. Well, you did it well to know more about the quality of Ethan Allen Furniture.

Before you make any decision in purchasing furniture, it is very crucial to know what you expect beforehand.

When I ever decided to add a piece of furniture to my mansion, I always took my first steps in doing research. This was on any store I had in mind and what the past buyers say about it. This brings everything about the store in the light you did not know about it.

Though I have few pieces of furniture from Ethan Allen, I have enough experience with its furniture, both from my friends’ experience as well as the research I did prior to purchasing the few pieces of furniture I have from this store.

Ethan Allen Furniture is of good quality, especially on specific types of furniture. However, there have been several complaints raised by some buyers, which we as well need to keep in check with. Keep reading as we look closer to the quality of Ethan Allen furniture today.

Is Ethan Allen Furniture Worth It?

Well, you are definitely not willing to waste your hardly gotten cash through purchasing poor quality furniture. In addition to this, you need to know whether you will receive your purchased furniture in good condition despite not having a purchase history with Ethan Allen.

Ethan Allen Interiors Inc Company is an American furniture store with more than 300 furniture stores globally. Its stores are distributed to the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia. Having lasted in the furniture industry since 1932, it has had much popularity and experience in the production and distribution of high quality furniture.

If you are in need of customized furniture, then Ethan Allen will be your first choice to have the best-customized furniture. It specializes in different furniture such as Sofa, Upholstered Furniture, and Chairs customized on your chosen fabric.

From the in-depth research as well as my personal experience, Ethan Allen furniture is worth the price. Get along with me as I prosecute my case on why I consider it to be one of the best furniture stores you will have.

Ethan Allen furniture comes with several different styles that are wide in its variety. As a matter of fact, you will find any style which suits your tastes and preferences.

In addition to this, you will find a wide variety of choices from which you can easily match the furniture selected at a certain style which fits the décor of your home.

Most of Ethan Allen furniture styles are highly flexible, and one can use them on most of the different decors and rooms. These styles are beautiful and stylish, and you will be sure everyone will love your furniture on getting to your mansion. Therefore, you should never get worried about this furniture.

Why is Ethan Allen Furniture So Expensive?

I really feel you considering the high prices of Ethan Allen furniture. This has been a great concern to most of Ethan Allen customers. Is Ethan Allen Furniture really overpriced?

High-Quality Furniture

First and foremost, Ethan Allen provides high-quality furniture which they aim at ensuring that you enjoy long-lasting furniture that will pass the test of time. This is one of the main reasons as to why Ethan Allen furniture is so expensive.

More importantly, however, Ethan Allen provides you with the opportunity of having your own customized furniture. This is unlike most other furniture stores as well as other home furnishing retailers.

Custom-Made Furniture

As a matter of fact, it is in the heart of this company to ensure that they avail of the custom design services to every customer. This is to ensure that each gets what they love personally without having a generalization of interest.

Amazingly, 70% of all its products sold are all customized in terms of finishes and color. Additionally, almost 100% of all its upholstered furniture is customized. This, without a doubt, highly contributes to the reason why Ethan Allen furniture is so expensive.

Professional Furniture Designers

Though most furniture stores now provide design services, the professionalism of most is not at par. Surprisingly, most of these designers are just the salesperson of these stores.

However, Ethan Allen contains professional designers who have approved credentials to ensure that they have the highest quality designers in the market. Moreover, its management is highly comprised of interior designers hence making the overall work high quality.

This has been the reason as to why everyone can attest to the truth that Ethan Allen provides unique and amazing furniture styles not common in the market. In addition to this, they will provide the perfect design as you provide it to them on the customized furniture.

In summary, quality being the most important factor when purchasing furniture; the high price in Ethan Allen furniture should not be a factor as you are sure you get exactly what you need. Its furniture will last for decades compared to any furniture you purchase from cheaper stores.

Where is Ethan Allen Furniture Manufactured?

At times, where furniture production occurs, matters. This could well define the quality you expect in consideration of the different rules guiding different areas.

Ethan Allen furniture is manufactured from 5 production facilities with 1 sawmill and 2 manufacturing plants being based in the United States. The other 2 plants are located in Honduras and Mexico, with each having 1 plant.

Its imported products are manufactured purposefully for Ethan Allen only according to its specifications it provides. In addition to this, the design and engineering of these products are done fully by Ethan Allen.

75% of Ethan Allen products are manufactured from North American plants. Its retail services are available from the Ethan Allen Website through which you can order your customized furniture.

Moreover, it services the market through its 300 furniture stores located in the United States and other countries globally.

Does Ethan Allen Furniture Hold its Value?

One of the disappointing things you might face after purchasing furniture would be the loss of value. This could be a result of poor quality materials which lose value within a short period of time.

First, to clarify, Ethan Allen won’t manufacture its products with the use of non-Ethan Allen fabrics. This is put on the forefront to ensure that it retains its furniture to the highest quality standards. Its fabrics and other materials used in the production of its furniture is tested to ensure that it meets every necessary standard for the quality furniture.

One of my best friends who are actually living a few yards from my home has one of the best experiences. As a matter of fact, they were the ones who first recommended me to Ethan Allen. Having been married for more than 30 years, they still have one of their Ethan Allen furniture they purchased in 1989.

They furnished their home with lots of Ethan Allen furniture at the early stages of their marriage. Surprisingly, most of their furniture is completely in perfect condition and still seems to be new without losing its value.

Having passed the test of time, you can rest assured that Ethan Allen furniture is highly durable, and it will last for decades without losing its value.

What Wood Does Ethan Allen Use?

To ensure that the furniture you receive from Ethan Allen retains its high quality without losing quality, Ethan Allen is selective on any type of wood it uses on is furniture.

First, most of Ethan Allen furniture uses solid wood whose durability is unquestionable. Some of the major solid wood used include Maple, Cherry, and Alder wood.

Can I Cancel an Order I Made?

Sure, you can cancel the order you placed incase you have a change in your needs. However, you will have to meet some of the requirements depending on the type of order you had made.

  • Custom-Made Orders – Cancellation of the custom-made orders in Ethan Allen will only be accepted before elapse of 72 hours after the order placement.
  • Ready-Made Orders – You can cancel these types of orders as long as they have not been shipped. After the shipment has commenced for the order placed, you will have to use the return policy.

On the successful cancellation of your Ethan Allen will issue you with the full refund to your Ethan Allen gift card or to your credit card account. This will take up to 5 business days after the cancellation of the order.

What is the Ethan Allen Return Policy?

Before you purchase online, you need to ensure that you first understand the return policy. This will ensure that you will have ease in returning the products purchased in case they are damaged or if you receive something you never expected.

Ethan Allen will not accept any returns from the custom-made items or even the custom-finished products.

Other products purchased from Ethan Allen can be returned. Those that are shipped through UPS should be sent back on the mailing address within 30 days of receipt in the packing slip. The items that ship through the Premier In-Home Delivery will be accepted within 10 days upon receipt of the delivery.


In conclusion, Ethan Allen being one of the largest furniture stores in the United States, is highly committed to ensuring that it meets its customer’s satisfaction. Following the changes in the needs and tastes in the changes in generation, it ensures that everyone gets what they need.

Ethan Allen provides a variety of styles on its furniture. This is essential in ensuring that you receive what you love and the piece of furniture that will match your décor. Not enough, unlike most furniture stores, you can place a custom-made order that will come with what you provide to them.

You need not worry as they have professional interior designers who will ensure that you get the best of what you need with every single specification being formed with what you provide.

Lastly, Ethan Allen materials and fabrics are tested to ensure that they maintain the required standard, which makes Ethan Allen furniture to be one of the most esteemed furniture stores to get your new furniture today.

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