How to Disinfect Furniture Against Coronavirus

Furniture could be a great threat in the spread of Corona Virus you ignore disinfecting your furniture from this deadly and highly infectious virus.

Following the wake of the highly infectious virus known as Coronavirus also known as COVID-19, fear has risen globally. No one is really sure of where the virus could be hence the risk of being infected with Corona Virus being very high.

Health experts have indicated that this virus can stay in some surfaces on up to 12 hours. During this period, if you touch the surfaces with the virus, you get the virus in your hands.

This is a high risk than you could think of as on touching your face either on your eyes, nose, or eyes you then get infected of this virus.

To reduce the risk exposure on this virus, there is a high need to have your furniture well disinfected. This will eliminate and kill any of the virus which come into contact with the furniture surfaces.

What to use in Disinfecting Furniture to Kill off Coronavirus

During the viral as well as the infectious disease pandemic such as coronavirus, health experts recommend that the frequently touched surfaces to get disinfected. Furniture being one of the most frequently touched surfaces becomes essential on disinfection.

In case the surfaces you need to disinfect are dirty, it is recommended that first these surfaces be cleaned through the use of soap and water or through the use of a detergent.

Where you have someone with the flu-like symptoms in your home, you need to ensure that you maintain regular disinfecting of the furniture as this could be the loop-hole to spreading the virus.

Furthermore, when disinfecting, the solution used should remain in contact with the surface of the furniture long enough so as to be able to kill the viruses together with other pathogens. However, this time will vary with the type of chemical you use in disinfecting your furniture.

Disinfecting with Bleach

Disinfecting furniture through the use of a bleach is one of the best method of disinfecting your furniture against any bacteria, fungi or other viruses such as coronavirus. You will need to dilute your bleach with the use of cold water with a quarter of bleach being diluted with 1 gallon of cold water.

However, ensure that you follow the guidelines you receive from the bleach label.

After the bleach solution is ready, ensure you use it within 24 hours to ensure that its ability is maintained. Furniture should remain in exposure of the bleach for more than 10 minutes.

Note: Never substitute bleach solutions to use as a hand sanitizer as it may be very hard for your skin.

Disinfecting with the use of Alcohol

Alcohol based solutions have also been one of the amazing disinfectant for your furniture in killing pathogens as well as viruses. All you will need is rubbing the alcohol-based solution to the furniture which will then kill off all the viruses in the furniture.

To have your solution, you will need to dilute alcohol with water for disinfecting furniture. If you need to have a hand sanitizer, you will need to dilute alcohol with Aloe Vera.

However, to be able to kill the viruses and pathogens, you will need to maintain a concentration of 70% of the alcohol solution. After this, you should then ensure that the solution remain on the surfaces for more than 30 seconds to ensure that it kill the viruses.

Solutions from alcohol will remain for a long time of use compared to that of bleach. However, you need to seal the solution to ensure that it does not evaporate.

The 70% alcohol solution is hard on your hands and should not replace a hand sanitizer. For a hand sanitizer use the Aloe Vera solution with alcohol with a small concentration or about 60% alcohol.

Disinfecting through the use of Vinegar

Some of other natural products have been one of the best disinfectants in which vinegar has been proven to kill coronaviruses. With the use of a 10% solution of the malt vinegar. However, the tea tree oil is not recommended.

How to Disinfect Furniture Against Infectious Diseases and Coronavirus?

Disinfecting furniture against pathogens and viruses such as Coronavirus can be done in different steps. This steps will ensure that you do a thorough disinfecting hence making your home a safe place away from pathogens and viruses such as coronavirus and hantavirus.

Below are some of the steps you should follow in disinfecting furniture against coronavirus and hantavirus;

Step 1: Vacuum of Upholstered Surfaces

This will be the first step in having your furniture fully disinfected.

You will need to use a spray-on in which you can incorporate a homemade disinfectant of a solution of alcohol and water. Otherwise, you can get the best disinfectant for furniture from the nearest mall near you or buy it online.

Spray through holding the bottle 6 to 8″ from your furniture until it is fully covered. On doing this, you can prevent a spread of an infectious disease through killing a number of bacteria as well as germs.

Step 2: Wiping Furniture Surfaces

After ensuring that your furniture is fully vacuumed with the disinfectant, you will then need to wipe all its surfaces. This will include wiping down the end tables, wooden arms, tabletops, as well as other hard surfaces.

Use a clean rug which is also disinfected in wiping these surfaces. In addition to this, when wiping use a weakened solution of your household bleach in sanitizing the surfaces.

Having ensured that you use this household bleach, you will then require to ensure that the furniture surface remains wet for more than 1 minute to ensure that it disinfects the surface fully.

Step 3: Sunshine your Furniture

To air out the smelly chemicals used, get your furniture outdoors for one day which will not only air out the chemicals but also kill any resident bacteria.

The UV rays from the sun kill many germs including those of coronavirus and hantavirus. These infectious viruses do not stay for long when subjected to high temperatures hence this assures you of having your furniture virus free.

Step 4: Steaming your Furniture

To be on the safe side fully, steaming your furniture pieces will be a great option. It is the last step in sanitizing your furniture though it is optional.

Steam, due to its high temperatures, kills a number of pathogens and viruses that are on your furniture in a few seconds. However, this option will not be suitable on its own where you are sanitizing upholstery fabric such as velvet as the fabric will shrink upon subjection to steam.

How do you sanitize a couch?

Sanitizing a couch is another one of the essential areas you need to disinfect to ensure that you are free from any viruses and pathogens.

The amazing thing in sanitizing your couch is on how easy it can be. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to have a professional furniture cleaner or renting a steam cleaner. All you need is the common household products such as white vinegar and mild soap.

In sanitizing the couch, follow the following procedure;

  • Remove the cushions from the couch.
  • Vacuum it for removal of crumbs, dirt and other lurking below the cushions.
  • Make a solution with use of a detergent or soap with warm water in the ratio of 1:2 in a small bucket and while another bucket with cool water.
  • Use a sponge submerged in the solution and then drain it so as to use as little water as possible while cleaning the coach.
  • Rub your couch while paying attention to the armrests and the cushions which could be the dirtiest areas until it is fully clean.
  • After this, dip the sponge you are using into the cool water. Drain the water and then rub the couch.
  • Air dry the couch thoroughly while you are filling a spray bottle with white vinegar and cool water at the ratio 1:1.
  • At 1 foot, spray your couch with the properly shaken solution of white vinegar and water so as to disinfect the couch.
  • Wait your couch to fully dry.

Well, you are now good to use your virus-free couch.

Final Words

With increase in the highly infectious diseases in the world today such as coronavirus and hantavirus, disinfecting furniture has not become an option.

You need to have your furniture fully disinfected to ensure that you stay safe together with your family against any pandemic.

Proper sanitizing and disinfecting of furniture is not a big issue which will as well need less of your effort. I find it essential to stay safe by having all your furniture fully disinfected and sanitized from any pathogen and viruses.

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