How much does a dining room set cost?

Are you worried of the costing of a dining room set? Well, have no worry again. I’m here to give you the best guideline on the dining room set cost which will save you your pocket while at the same time giving you the best quality you need.

Furnishing a dining room is one of the most essential needs of everyone if you want to bring the best elegance to your home. Before I came to the decision of furnishing my dining room, this was always my biggest trouble:  how much does a dining room set cost?

In my mind, it always seemed to be a great task which would call upon me opening up my pocket to give away bucks. However, to my surprise, a dining room set is not that expensive.

Nevertheless, this will depend on the choice you make of the dining room set on what you need to furnish using.

Why should I furnish my dining room?

As you know, dining room is that integral room in your home whereby you interact with your family members and friends through taking meals. It is an essential place you need to put enough emphasis on as it plays a great role when it comes in the interaction and bonding of the family members.

This is the place where everyone who comes to your home will have to come through as long as you provide meals to them. Therefore, furnishing the dining room is inevitable considering that you need to receive an amazing commendation from your friends.

In addition to receiving a positive commendation, your comfort matters most while taking your meals. You will enjoy most when your dining room is well and properly furnished.

With this, therefore, you must take a quick initiative today in furnishing the dining room to ensure that you enjoy the best experience both you, your family and friends as well.

Factors to consider while furnishing a dining room

Before you furnish your dining room, there are several factors you have to put in place. These factors were essential to me as well in a wide perspective. I was able to make an optimal decision on the set I selected that would match everything inside my dining room.

First, you will need to consider the type of space you have? What is the full area of your dining room? Consider is it just a dining area or is it a dining room? With this then you will be able to select the appropriate size that will fit your dining room.

The space of your dining room will determine the shape of the dining room set you choose ranging from having a round, rectangular or a square dining table.

The second factor and question you need to consider is how often you will be using your dining room. Will your dining be a multipurpose room or will it be specifically for dining only? And who will be using the dining room? Will children be using the same dining room?

Another factor is the holding capacity you need for your dining room. Where the dining room is to hold many people, you will definitely expect the costing to be higher compared to a small dining set. However, let this not trouble you. You will get the best with you.

Lastly, you need to consider on the decorating style you choose for your dining room. This will greatly influence the dining room set you select. Do the dining room style fit and match with that of the dining room set selected?

After you have all these answers with you, you can then be sure to proceed and have your best dining room set. Now is the best time to question on the costing of the dining room set.

How Much does a dining room set cost?

The budget of a dining room set will depend first on whether you have some of furniture with you or whether you are starting from scratch.

Remember that a dining room set will include a dining table, chairs, as well as a storage space or a display piece which may include a buffet, artwork and many more.

When you are starting from the scratch, the cost of a dining room set will range from about $10,000 to $12,000. This however, will vary depending on your personal style, lifestyle as well as the number of pieces you choose to fit in your dining room.

This budget when starting your furnishing for your dining room includes the basic pieces of furniture you need your dining room which include a dining table, chairs display piece or a storage area.

These are the main dining room set you need to first include in your dining room. Other sets can be considered later to ensure that you fully furnish your dining room depending on your likes and personal lifestyle you love.

Nevertheless, the above is not the full cost you expect for a dining room set. As a matter of fact the cost of a dining room set is much dependent on what you consider to put in you add in your dining room.

As a result of this, you need to have a clear picture of what you expect to have in your dining room and what type of furniture you will include together with its material.

What leads to dining room set cost variation?

Well, any furniture you invest in your dining room is a cost measure contributing to every buck to add on your budget. Not only this but the materials used in your furniture, style as well crafting done on your furniture.

With this, therefore, it is essential to know what you are paying for to ensure that you account for every coin when it comes to your budgeting as well as the implementation of having your dining room fully furnished.

Generally, where you choose to have a solid wood table, you will have to pay more considered to someone who chooses to use a veneer table on his dining table.

Above this, you can as well consider using a glass top dining room table when it comes to cost implications where wood furniture seems a hassle to you. As a result of this, the type of wood used in your furniture is the number one factor to lead to the variation of the costing of a dining room set.

This will move all round to every furniture you impose to use in your dining room that is on the chairs, storage areas among other. Therefore, expect to spend more on a wood chair compared to other type of chairs.

In line to this, you might consider using an upholstered armchair which will cost you less if you intend to compromise on the costing.

Why should I pay more for a dining room set?

Investment on a dining room has remained to be one of the troubling questions on most people targeting to have an amazing dining room. This is so as dining room set cost seem to be beyond the expectation of most people going to have them.

However, contrary to the expectations of most, the more you invest in a dining room set, the better you are. Here are some of the reasons why you should pay more for a dining room set;

Long-Lasting Service

Where you choose to spend much on dining room set, you will have minor replacements later hence you will be saving highly as you will have a long-lasting service from your dining room set.

An example of this is where you consider using a solid wood dining table compared to using a veneer dining table which you expect to last for a short period of time.


Customization is one of the best priority when it comes to having your dining room set. You will love having uniqueness in your dining room different from your friend’s dining room.

However, customization will mean that you pay more for a dining room set compared to having a ready-made dining room set.


High-quality furniture will at all times be expensive compared to the low-quality furniture. In respect to this, they will also last for a longer period of time. Therefore, it will be of high necessity on using a dining room set which is of high quality to enjoy long-lasting service.


Having a dining room fully furnished is one of the great accomplishments you will have both for your family as well as on your friends. This is the place where you will spend much of your time together with your family.

Therefore, there is high need to invest and get prepared on what you need before you furnish your dining room. However, there will be cost variations on the dining room dependent on one’s lifestyle as well as style preferences.

Moreover, the budget one has could determine the type of dining room set to include. Now is the time you need to get fully ready to have your dining room set with expectation on what to spend.

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