How Good is Babool Wood for Furniture?

When determining the type of wood to use on your furniture, it is essential to ensure that you have the best selection. This will ensure that you put into consideration the quality of your furniture and as a result determining the durability of furniture.

Babool wood is a great type of wood you will find in the online furniture stores. However, the main question underlying is on how good is babool wood for furniture.

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Babool wood has mainly been known as a medicinal wood in most dry parts of India. Nevertheless, with the increase in its popularity on being a health centered tree, it has turned out to be a good wood for furniture.

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Most of the clients looking out for babool wood accrue the furniture from this wood on its superior quality. The quality of this wood on furniture as a result makes it a perfect choice for furniture with high-durability needs. As a result, its used in making decorative furniture, boats, farm equipment among many other.

Let’s check in deeper to know on how good is babool wood on furniture.

What is Babool Wood?

Babool wood is a highly prized and valued wood which is mainly known for its medicinal properties that are indispensable. Babool wood is also known as Babul or the Acacia Arabica in which it is found from major sandy and dry areas of India.

Other names used to refer this wood include the Babul Kikar, Gum Arabic Tree, Sant Tree, Egyptian Thorn and Prickly Acacia. The gum, bark, seeds, leaves and pods are used for the medicinal purposes.

From the medicinal field, it is mainly used in teeth cleaning together with strengthening gums and reducing inflammation and plaque through Babool Powder.

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I found it perfect for cleaning teeth and we have always used Babool Toothpaste with my family. It is the best toothpaste to prevent swelling and bleeding of gums, keeping your gums healthy and teeth strong.

However, the wood has also proved to be an amazing and a durable option to have high quality furniture. Babool wood for furniture has had amazing reviews from those who have already used this wood for their furniture attributing it as a highly durable as well as a valuable wood.

Not only this, but Babool wood for furniture is considered to have water-resistant properties making it highly durable no matter where you use it on. As a matter of fact, it could be your next option to having the best outdoor furniture which will give you a long-lasting service.

In reference to this, it is the reason as to why babool wood was used as the primary material for the ships of the line due to its water-resistant feature. This was evident since the 18th century through which babool wood was used by the English Royal Navy with such kind of ships dominating the seas.

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Uses of Babool Wood

Apart from the use in the medicinal field, babool wood has been pre-eminent on its use on different areas with different purposes. Its bark, gum, leaves and seed are used for the medicinal purposes while the wood is left for a greater tasks in making furniture, tree nails, beams, ship posts, and cogs.

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The use of Babool Wood has been over all the globe with different areas using it for different purposes. It gives the best herbal products which are almost free comparing the benefits you enjoy.

Here are some of the main uses of babool wood globally;

In Central America, Babool wood has been used in furniture making. Not only this but Central America also contains some Babool species with fat thorns beautiful enough in making elegant jewelries, souvenirs and dolls.

On the southern Asia, Babool wood is used in making of veneers, flooring, stair rails, parquet and wardrobes.

In Philippines, Babool wood is used in boat-building from its durability. In addition to this, it is also mainly used in making cabinets, furniture, carvings and railroad ties.

Due to the natural resonance of Babool wood, it is used in fashioning of canoes, durable babool bowls as well as ukuleles for guitarists.

Is the Furniture Made Out of Babool Wood Good and Durable?

Babool wood has been one of the best wood on furniture making. One of the main reason leading to babool being highly durable is through its hardness. As a matter of fact, babool wood is taken to be 55% harder compared to the White Oak, 90% harder than the carbonized bamboo and 23% harder compared to hickory.

As a result of this, when it comes to the durability of babool wood, it is one of the best you will ever have for your furniture. Among this, are other amazing factors which are attributed to babool wood hence making it to be one of the best choices for your furniture and other Babool medicinal products.

Why Babool Wood?

Not only is babool wood highly durable making it an amazing choice from other of features making it to be the best. Below are some of what you expect to have for the best furniture from babool wood.

Babool comes with a natural fine texture which is a smooth finish hence giving you wood amazing look

In comparison to most hardwoods, babool wood is highly scratch resistant. This, therefore, makes it to have high durability together with giving your furniture a constant look all time.

The grain of babool wood ranges between being straight and wavy patterns. The color of the babool wood is ranges from a light amber to the dark mahogany. This is an amazing color match for any furniture.

How Good is Babool Wood for Furniture?

Well, there are several reasons as to why I currently love babool wood for furniture. This makes babool wood a great choice if you want to have your furniture today on different considerations. Below are some of the reasons of how good is babool wood for furniture.


Before babool wood dries, it is very easy to work with. However, when babool wood dries, it is hard work on and gains extra durability. As a result of this, the use of babool in furniture is good as it ensures that you work on it easy without compromising the quality of the furniture.

Furthermore, following its ease in workability before drying, it enhances the crafting of elegant faux live edge pieces.

Such furniture that are common in using babool wood include dazzling dining tables, buffets, wood benches, and together with sophisticated side tables.


Another one of the main thing leading to babool wood being good for furniture is on its durability. Babool wood is highly durable giving you a long-lasting service.

Both the hardness and density of babool wood make it to be the perfect wood if you are looking forth to have the heavy duty furniture pieces such as dining benches and dining tables. This has also seen it gain popularity in ship making.


There has been plenty of babool wood in the Middle East, India, Asia and in Australia. As a result of its increase in availability, babool has been among one of the most affordable wood for furniture you will find.

Furthermore, the gum from babool wood is mainly used on medicinal purposes. Not only this, but it also used as an additive to soft drinks among many other uses. These medicinal products are cheap such as the Babool Toothpaste that is almost free compared to what you get from such products.

With this, therefore, the harvest of the wood which is left as a residue lowers the cost. This, therefore saves the costing making babool highly affordable and hence such furniture being one fo the best quality with low costs.


It is a sustainable source of wood for furniture as it is not only efficient for the babool wood farmers but it is also eco-friendly.

With the main focus being on producing sap and gum for medicinal use, harvesting of babool wood is now being done comprehensively to ensure to ensure farmers plant for the next planting.

This both allows sustainability in the supply of babool wood in most furniture stores together with effectiveness in farmers.

How to Maintain Babool Wood for Furniture?

Despite Babool wood being highly durable, you need to provide extra maintenance which will ensure that there is an extension to the durability of the furniture.

Below are some of the methods you will use in maintaining babool wood for furniture;

  • Daily wiping and cleaning of your furniture with the use of a soft cloth that is slightly moistened. I recommend you use this microfiber cleaning cloth for perfect cleaning.
  • Ensure that your babool wood furniture contains a water-based finish such as the lacquer finish. This will be a great solution in ensuring that you don’t have any worries about water spillage to the furniture. This polyurethane finish will work best for all furniture.
  • Avoid exposure of the babool wood furniture to perfumes, deodorants, alcohol as well as nail varnishes. In case of spillage, ensure you wipe the spillage immediately. This is so as these liquids get moisture from babool wood hence leading to cracks.
  • To avoid fading of the babool wood furniture, ensure you avoid direct exposure of the furniture to sunlight. This might also lead to cracking of the furniture.
  • I recommend you to keep rotating babool wood furniture occasionally to ensure that all the angles receive an equal amount of light and air for an even darkening.
  • Avoid placing babool wood furniture near radiators and fireplaces as they would lead to warping.
  • While resting hot dishes on babool furniture, ensure to place coasters or placements to avoid warping. I found these coasters and placements to be the best for every dining table you have.
  • Ensure you use cleaning tools with a soft surface and avoid those with rough surfaces to avoid your furniture from wearing and scratches on your babool wood furniture.

Final Words

Babool wood is an amazing natural wood which has many features similar to those of most of hardwoods. As a result of this, you will have all that hardwoods give you.

Though babool wood furniture are considerably low-priced, they do not compromise on the quality. The reason to this, is due to the use of babool trees for medicinal purposes.

The gum, sap and bark of these trees is utilized in medicinal purposes which are highly priced. The main focus on growing babool wood is for medicinal uses.

After the extracting is done, babool wood remained is not highly priced hence lowering the cost of babool wood furniture. Nevertheless, you will enjoy the best quality furniture at low costs. Not only this, but its color, grain and texture are amazing giving you the best. I highly recommend babool wood being good for furniture.

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