How deep should a window bench seat be?

Are you looking forth to adding charm to your room? Or are you looking forward to providing additional seating furniture to your room? Well, I found out window benches to provide the best experience you will love. Despite making your room more beautiful, they are taken to be the best as they give you additional storage area and retain the elegance of your house.

If you think of getting one window bench for your own, I think it is high time you think of taking several window benches for your own. You can distribute these benches to different parts of your house and enjoy the unlimited service from them.

To be frank enough, this came out as the best solution for me when it came to seeking more storage areas. I, at one point, had many struggles while using the traditional hinged seat. Though it gave out some extra storage area, it had lots of limitations.

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One of the major things causing window benches to be loved the most in any home is the comfort they come with. This is mainly due to the thick cushion on their top, unlike couches and other furniture in your home.

Furthermore, they give you amazing views of the outdoors while turning the unused space into a focal area. Keep reading this article to know more about a window bench’s depth for the optimal comfy ever in your home.

How Deep Should a Window Bench Be?

The depth of a window bench is a question to everyone looking for the best comfortable window benches. The first thing you will be looking at a window bench is sitting and relaxing at the same time. It will play a great role in giving you a new experience with this addition to your home.

There are several window seat dimensions that you will need to keep in mind. These dimensions are all in unison to give you the best experience. This is together with some guidelines that will ensure that you have the best window seats in your room.

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Furthermore, if you are looking to Do It Yourself, you need not ever forget the following when coming out with the best window bench for your room.

  • Height of Window Bench from the Window Bottom – The window bench’s full height should NOT be past the window bottom. If this is not maintained, the window bench will be seen from the outside, which is not impressive. Additionally, it could be a safety feature as well through which someone leaning on the window could trip easily if the window bench is higher than the window bottom. Not only this, but you should as well ensure that there is a minimum of 6 inches on the ideal length the window is above the bench.
  • The Most Comfortable Window Bench Height – Different heights will feature different comfy levels. If you are looking to have optimal comfort, you will need to maintain a height of 16 to 21 inches on the window seats with the cushion on. The height, however, might be dependent on the height of the window from the floor. If a chair seat is used instead of the window bench, the best standard height should be about 19 inches.
  • Minimum Seating Width – This is the width between one side of the bench to the other. It is the area that allows one to sit and face the forward or face the outdoor. The minimum seating width should be at least 32 Inches for sitting and facing forward. However, if you are looking forth to be sitting sideways on your window bench, you will require a minimum seating width of 48 inches. Nevertheless, if you have extra room, you can even go wider to provide more seating, even to a seating width of 60 inches.
  • Seat Depth – This is the area between the front and the back of the window bench. The window seat depth should have a minimum of 16 inches which will be the best in the comfy forward-facing sitting. However, if you are looking forth to having the side-sitting window seats, you will need to have a minimum of 39 inches on the window seat depth. 39 inches window seat depth could be quite challenging for the forward sitting unless some cushions are added at the back of the seat, making it fully comfortable for the side sitting.
  • Window Bench Backrest – In some cases, you will need your back to lean against something to increase comfort. Having a backrest is essential to ensure you do not lean on the wall while sitting on the window bench. You can either put the backrest below the window or put it against the wall’s side. This might depend on the type of sitting you opt for.

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  • Window Bench Cushion Depth – With no doubt, the cushions’ depth will be the first determinant in the comfort level you enjoy from any window bench you have.  The cushions of any window bench should never go below the sizes of your sofa cushions. They will range from having a depth of 2 Inches to 4 Inches. These cushions will ensure that you get the best comfort ever.

Where Should I Put a Window Seat?

In your home, there are several areas through which you can put your window bench seat. To be frank enough, the possibilities remain endless as you can put a window bench seat anywhere as long as there is a window.

Come to think of it, and you will realize how seldom it is to find any room without a window. Therefore, with this, it is a clear indication that you can add a window bench seat anywhere in your home as long as you have enough space and it excites you of the same.

The only needed factor to consider adding a window bench seat is having enough clearance on any window. This will range from different room areas, including living rooms, bedrooms, dens, family rooms, and many other areas.

Furthermore, there are some dining rooms and kitchens whose layout benefits from using a window bench. This is through providing additional seating to these areas. More so, if you have been looking for modern farmhouse designs in your home, this will be one of the best approaches to have your elegant style brought in. It will bring extra sitting and make every use of all useful space from your dining room.

Window Seats will also be perfect in the house’s unexpected corners, such as the landing of the staircase, home office, or also from dormer windows. Where your house has perfect architecture, ensure you find such areas to give them a cozy look.

Window seats could as well become best in entryways through which they create a warm welcome. At the entryways, you can use them as extra storage for organizing some small items such as shoes; among other things you might see fitting dependent on what’s common in your entry.

How Much Does a Window Seat Cost?

Before you purchase a window seat, having the best cost approximations is the best thing as this will prevent you from any cost exaggerations you might find in the market. Window bench seats have become popular and become a great solution in having a luxuriant lounging.

Making a window seat can just be complete within a day as it is somewhat simple. However, together with the time frame, the budget can go to an extreme where you consider having your window seat as a work of art.

Basic Window Seat Cost

A basic window seat costs start from a budget of about $400, which is a cost that does not include the custom-made cushions, which will range from a cost of $300 to $500 depending on the materials used together with the dimensions of the window bench.

Basic Window Bench Prices

Expensive Fabric and large Window Seats

Where the window bench seats contain additional storage areas or if larger seats are included compared to the most common window seats, a budget ranging from $800 to $1,700 will be applicable. Furthermore, these complex window seats will take more time in the installation process. You might also find the window seats more expensive if you choose to use larger cushions or cushions with more expensive fabrics.

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Custom Window Seats

For custom window seats are the most expensive window bench you will find. You will have to submit the sample or share a design with your manufacturer, who will have the window seat prepared for you. However, you will have to pay more for the custom window seats due to customization done on the design and materials used.

How do you Style a Window Seat?

You can put your window seat with several styles, with every style having its different advantages. It is essential to choose the style that will excite you and the one that will match the design of the whole room. This will ensure that you optimize the room’s space while ensuring that you retain the bests look for your home.

Below are some of the different styles you will use for a window seat;

  • Box Style

This is a window bench style that involves adding wood paneling to the front and the exposed sides of the shelf seat. This window bench-style usually creates a seamless surface on the surrounding wall, making it the perfect relaxing style.

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This style can be used on any window space may it be a separate box compartment or drywall. In addition to this, it might also include hidden storage as well.

  • Shelf Style

Another amazing style you can use on a window bench seat is the shelf style. This window bench seat style is great when it comes to any communal area or in kitchen spaces, laundry areas, entryways, or mudrooms.

Box Style Window Seat Prices

It will fit with any window space and will be a great solution for having extra hidden storage. To get additional strength, you can install vertical supports, which also act as cubby dividers and maximize the window bench’s stability.

  • Cabinetry Style

This is usually a pre-made window seat style which you can do yourself if you have the right DIY expertise. You can choose the best that you love from the stock cabinets in furniture stores such as IKEA, Amazon, and many more.

Cabinetry Style Window Benches

  • Custom Style

Depending on the space around your window bench, you might consider having a custom style that will fit the space appropriately. Share with your furniture store the pictures of the space you need to be filled with the window bench together with other additional information you take to be essential in having you the best window bench. This style, however, will cost you much in comparison with other styles.

Boosters to Enhance Comfy on Window Bench Seat

To ensure you get additional comfort from your window bench seat, you will need to have some boosters which give you the best experience. Below are some of the essential boosters you will need in every window seat for the best experience ever.

  • Lighting – Having lighting on the ceiling above the window bench would be one of the best ideas. This is in consideration that you might need enough lighting whenever doing some activities such as reading while on the window bench. More so, you might consider using a table lamp on a shelf with dimmers hence making it a comfortable place to read and have a nap at the same time.
  • Cushions – Having cushions on the window bench is another great idea. First, this will provide an extra lining of comfy. In addition to this, you can stay for long hours in points where you have cushioned window benches. You can consider using cushions that are 2-4 inches thick for perfect comfort.
  • Window Coverings – To ensure that you prevent any heat gains and glares from the sun that comes through in the window, you can consider adding blinds or shades. Chose materials that complement the rest of the room’s décor and furnishing.
  • Electrical Outlets – Window seats are flexible as you can use several tasks in these areas. You might need to read a book through the use of a kindle or playing games using your laptops. To ensure you are not inconvenienced, consider adding electrical outlets which will be a great solution to you having an enjoyable time on the window bench.
  • Pillows – To add extra comfort in the window bench seat, having pillows will provide more comfort as you will have enough backrest instead of leaning on the window. Therefore, consider adding some moveable pillows which would be ideal for exchange when you need a backrest.

Last Words

Window bench seats have been one of the best add-ons on any window space. They optimize the use of the space on the window spaces, which are mostly left unused. Window benches will add additional seating areas and act as extra storage areas to ensure you have all that you need in the house.

Remember that you can always enhance the comfort and the convenience of the window benches using other boosters such as cushions, lighting window coverings, and electrical outlets to make it the best experience while enjoying the seating area.

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