Does Macy’s Furniture Negotiate? Complete Guide on How and When

Many shoppers have been wondering if Macy’s Furniture will negotiate. The answer is yes, but not always. There are a few guidelines that you should follow to help increase the chances of having your offer accepted. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what those guidelines are and how they might apply to you.

Surprisingly, Macy’s Furniture can go down on their prices. The best time to ask for a Macy’s Furniture discount is when they are having sales or clearance events. If you receive the response of “Our prices are already low”, then it doesn’t hurt to try one more time by saying something like, “I’m only looking today because I noticed that your furniture was on sale/clearance.”

Macy’s Furniture can be negotiated with during both in-store and online purchases. However, there will typically be different guidelines between each type of store purchase. To increase your chances of negotiating at an in-store Macy’s location, make sure that you have done some research ahead of time about items that currently have discounted pricing available (ie: website search). This way when you’re speaking with the sales associate, you’ll be able to give specific examples about sale items that are currently available.

Golden Rules for Macy’s Furniture Negotiation

1) Check online coupons/promo codes first.

If you see an online coupon for Macy’s (not available in-store) offering a percentage off, then this would be your best bet to receiving the lowest price possible. You can check their coupons page by visiting Macy’s website.

If you’re shopping in-store (and want to negotiate), then simply ask if they have any coupons or discount codes that can be applied at the time of purchase. This is one of the easiest ways for them to give you a lower price – because it takes no work on their part! They’ll usually find something even if there isn’t anything printed out (ie: “I see your coupon expired, but I still think we should honor our original agreement”). Just make sure this line comes after all other negotiation attempts are exhausted.

2) Look out for specific days including President’s Day & Black Friday.

Major holidays as well as Black Friday are great days to try and negotiate a lower price. Macy’s basically wants you in the door, so they’re willing to give more discounts on those particular days. The best way is by saying something like “I was hoping for a better deal” or “Do you have any other offers available?” You might also want to check their store guide for specific details about Presidents Day/Black Friday sales events.

3) Do Thorough Research

Before you think of negotiating Macy’s Furniture, make sure to have all of your information ready. This includes knowing the item name and model number as well as determining what price you want to pay for it. If you can’t answer these two questions ahead of time then don’t expect the sales associate to negotiate with you either until they find out more information about your request.

If a mistake was made by sending an incorrect email or making a typo when entering in their personal information, sometimes Macy’s will adjust this wrong entry at no extra cost because they are aware that mistakes happen from time-to-time. Keep in mind that if there is something missing from the order (ie: product wasn’t included) then you’ll need to ask them if it can be sent to you at no additional cost.

4) Be Friendly

If you have a bad attitude when speaking with the sales associate then they probably won’t try very hard to help you out. This means that you should smile and be nice at all times even if they don’t seem interested in negotiating. You can also ask them what their discount policies are before going into more specific questions about whether or not Macy’s will negotiate prices of items on sale/clearance.

If one item is marked as clearance but it seems like everything else around it isn’t, there might still be an opportunity for negotiation depending upon why this happened from the start (ie: product was discontinued). Ask them if any other discounts apply such as “Friends & Family” events where select employees receive additional benefits.

5) Be Persistent

If you’re able to find an item that is currently on sale but the sales associate says it’s not negotiable, then ask them if they can lower the price by any amount. They might say no at first or tell you that it doesn’t work like this, but continue to politely push forward with your request until they give in and offer some sort of discount. This means don’t back down because you’ll need to be persistent throughout the negotiation process for Macy’s Furniture.

The golden rule here is never lose hope even when they are saying “no”. You should keep asking questions about other discounts available such as clearance items (ie: 50% off), future events (ie: Friends & Family) where new employees might receive additional benefits, and so on. If you feel like the sales associate has become uninterested in your request then ask to speak with a store manager or district manager about whether Macy’s Furniture will negotiate prices of items marked as clearance/on sale.

If they say that their price is final and there won’t be any more discounts available, then go home and do some research online where it should only take maybe 30 minutes at most to find out if this is true or not (ie: researching for other stores such as Lowes). If everything still seems too expensive after doing this quick search online, make sure to bring up these websites during your next visit when negotiating with Macy’s Furniture again by saying things like “I’ve seen the item online for $xx.xx which is even cheaper than your clearance price of $xx.xx, can you match it?”

6) Be Creative

This also goes back to previous points such as being persistent and friendly, but you should try coming up with creative ways for negotiating Macy’s Furniture. For instance if something is on sale but they won’t budge on the price then offer them a different item that isn’t on clearance or anything else of this sort (ie: offering $xx instead of your desired price) in order to get what you want at a lower cost during negotiations.

Another example would be asking about their return policy and seeing how long it takes before you can bring an item back without any questions asked after purchasing it. You might say “If I purchase this today could I return within 24 hours?” If the answer is yes then just ask when exactly this window will end and if they can make it a bit longer such as 48 hours. This is another way to negotiate the price of something at Macy’s Furniture by asking for an extended return policy when making your purchase that day, but you have to be willing to go through with this plan in case you change your mind about wanting the item later on down the road.

7) Be Honest

It’s not advisable to lie about your financial situation or any other information that they ask you during negotiations, but it does help if you’re honest with them. If the sales associate is asking how much money you have saved up for this purchase then tell them exactly what’s in your savings account/checking account right now so there are no surprises later on down the road when bringing back an item and never seeing a refund of some sort.

This holds true especially when buying something big like furniture where certain restrictions might apply after making such a large purchase (ie: only being able to return within 30 days), so be sure you know all of these types of policies before heading into Macy’s Furniture if all possible.

How To Negotiable Prices At Macys Furniture:

An easier way of negotiating Macy’s Furniture is by applying for their credit card and getting approved/receiving the promotional discount rate that comes with it. This will usually save you anywhere from 15% – 20% off your purchases, but this only works if the sales associate has the authority to give discounts along these lines to begin with (ie: some stores are limited in what they can offer).

If you’re looking towards doing an online purchase then make sure that any coupons or promo codes have been applied before checkout because otherwise they’ll be useless when making a purchase through Macy’s website. There should be a “Coupon Code” box where shoppers need to enter in whatever code applies to the purchase they are making online.

Coming up with creative ways for negotiating Macy’s Furniture is another great idea, but make sure you know what to do if things go south (ie: don’t get too pushy). There’s nothing wrong with asking about different price points like “What would happen if I offered $xx?” or inquiring about an extended return window on top of that either. Remember that being persistent and friendly will usually win over this retailer in the end when it comes to not getting any resistance during negotiations at Macy’s Furniture.

Lastly, be on the look out for some specific days such as President’s Day and Black Friday because you might be able to score some huge discounts and deals on furniture especially if something is already marked down. This could give you the opportunity to negotiate even more off of Macy’s Furniture prices, but make sure it applies towards your purchase before making any assumptions.

What Day Does Macy’s Do Markdowns?

Macy’s usually marks down their prices on the first and third Monday of every month, but this is subject to change depending on what day falls during that specific week. This can include other discounts like 15% – 20% off selected items throughout the store so be sure to check for these deals before heading in if you’re looking towards negotiating Macy’s Furniture prices even more. Also keep an eye out during certain holiday seasons such as Labor Day because there might be additional markdown events going on around this time too.

Can you Haggle at Macys?

It depends on the Macy’s location as well as what they have to offer. Some locations will allow it whereas others won’t, so be sure you read over their about page or ask a sales associate before trying anything out yourself if this is your first time going into one of these stores for negotiations at Macys Furniture.

When To Negotiate At Macys?

Macy’s usually negotiates prices during holidays and special occasions such as Black Friday because that is when most other retailers lower down the price tag across the board too (ie: Target). If this isn’t something occurring throughout certain dates then shoppers can also negotiate prices from January – February every year since employees are still getting adjusted to new salary changes/policies brought on by the new year.

Macy’s Furniture is usually pretty open to negotiations so long as you aren’t being too pushy or demanding with them during your conversations. Remember that these individuals are just doing their job, so they might need some time before accepting any offers depending on how busy things get inside of this retailer at certain times (ie: around the holidays).

Last Words

In conclusion, Macy’s furniture will negotiate, but it depends on the sales associate. Some locations are limited in what they can offer so be sure to research the Macy’s location before making a purchase there if you’re looking at doing negotiations. Sometimes during holidays Macy’s offers additional discounts and deals which give shoppers even more opportunities for negotiating prices with them as well depending on how busy things get inside of this store around these times.

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