Do Polypropylene Carpets Really Flatten?

There’s a common belief that polypropylene carpets flatten with use, and they do. However, the rate at which they become flat is not as fast as some think it is. The rate of flattening depends on many factors including the frequency of use, heavy footfall, and nosing over thresholds. After time it can be hard to detect any change in height due to the regular use pattern in an office or home. Runoff from a wet room, for instance, is another factor that can lead to flattening.

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What is Carpet Flattening?

Flattening of a rug shows that the carpet has experienced minor folding at the pile edge. This is usually caused by stretching or pulling at the pile material either by dragging it with hands or bags. Stretching can also be done on purpose when shaggy carpets are flattened and is then called edge roll. When a wall-to-wall carpet is installed indoors, it will be more prone to these situations, even if its intended use is for interior spaces.

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Installing carpet outdoors minimizes this possibility as it tends to flatten only severely torn rugs unless strategies like those mentioned below are applied. Flattening can actually be the desired effect in contracted applications where wall-to-wall carpets are not necessary, like outdoor grass and rugs with strands of plastic-coated wires made specifically for outdoor use or indoor condo spaces that would benefit from non-flat looks come time for selling homes. Easy Installation due to Lighter Weight Carpet fibers has also undergone changes in synthetic fibers, due to changes in both technologies than for strategic value, which has made carpet a lighter weight material that is easy to install.

Do all Carpets Flatten?

No, some rugs are just lighter, not all carpets fold out of place and tumble easily. Fighting the tendency for rugs to crease and fold out of shape does not always mean installing the heaviest carpet you can buy. It also depends on the wall that anchors the carpet. It is recommended to find this information out prior to purchase as the magnitude of difference in best ratings and grommets when it comes to a particular wall or area, may be small.

Carpets that flatten not only can be referred to by using the product name, but also a rating system that applies that to ease of installation and overall intended use. Ratings may be obtained from various resources in reviews or ratings on retail websites. The best carpet for order of installation may vary, depending on whether it’s commercial-grade or residential grade carpet intended for non-commercial space.

Why Do Polypropylene Carpets Become Flattened?

Polypropylene carpets are manufactured from tightly-twisted yarns that are woven together with a backing material such as cotton or foam rubber. As the floor wears or becomes soiled then more and more fibers are exposed to wear and tear until the carpet wears through completely. Each new layer has its own particular wear pattern depending on where it is on the carpet pile i.e., its contact point with a chair leg or heel, etc. All these factors influence wear but over the lifetime of the carpet, it is natural for the wear pattern to become more obvious, and sometimes there may be a visual gap.

Is It Time To Replace A Polypropylene Carpet?

As long as the carpet is free from any burns or holes then a visual inspection should give an idea of whether or not it needs replacing. Although you shouldn’t feel under pressure to replace when the pile flattens, it would be sensible to replace if you begin to notice color fading or if there are areas that are visibly worn through. If you have any doubts, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

The carpet industry has spent the last 20 years improving the polypropylene fiber used in man-made carpets. This improved polypropylene makes them 20 times more durable than they were a few decades ago. Resilient polypropylene fibers have a higher melting temperature than natural fibers, so if it gets burned or melted it will not leave a hole or burn mark.

Do polypropylene rugs dry quickly?

Yes. The fibers in polypropylene rugs, like all synthetic fibers, dry quickly and are therefore very easy to clean and maintain without the need for expensive carpet cleaning machines.

Polypropylene carpets are flame retardant. We would therefore stress that you never use an electrical appliance on polypropylene carpet without at least a three-pronged plug. If a three-pronged plug is not available then at least a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) must be used. Regular hard-wearing polypropylene rugs have the highest level of fire-resistance rating in the industry, but when making the jump to rich colors and deep pile carpets we consider additional fire protection to be paramount.

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We, therefore, add an extra layer of protection by using Paclum, which is a chemical substance that protects against both dry and liquid fires that offers accommodation for increased thoroughness in tests done by Lloyds Register, the Rugby Fire Brigade, and Underwriters Laboratories.

How to Avoid Flattening?

Many people do not like the idea of flattened carpets and therefore, would want to avoid them. Here are some handy tips on how to ensure non-slipping carpets do not flatten over time. One way of doing this is by keeping the carpet clean at all times. It should be vacuumed regularly and if there is any spillage such as food or drinks, the mop should be used immediately after the spillage before it dries up.

In other words, this should be done before the moisture has time to settle into the carpet fibers and make them lose their grip on the backing material. The other tip is to keep the nosing on carpets at a suitable height so that it does not wear down too quickly due to heavy footfall or the use of doorjambs by people entering rooms.

How to Fix Carpet Flattening?

If your carpets have become flattened and you want to restore them, there are a number of options available. One of the most common ways is to go down to the local carpet shop and get a steam clean done. Alternatively, you can call in a professional cleaner and ask them if they will do carpet repairs as well after cleaning. Another option is to do it yourself using a low-cost method.

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Some DIY stores sell steam cleaners that are similar in size to iron and look like one too! A steam cleaner works by heating the carpeting material which shrinks it back into place over time. It is an easy way of fixing flattened carpets at home without having to dismantle the entire room or pulling up the padding behind the carpet for re-sealing of fibers or replacing of backing material. You may be shocked to see how many carpets experts do this type of job as a part of their regular business.

DIY Steam Cleaning

If you have access to a carpet steam cleaner, use it to clean in between the rows of fibers. If you do not own one, rent one for this purpose and work on your carpets a little each day till the flattening effect is gone. You can also use an upholstery cleaner if you have one at home which has smaller nozzles attached to it (our suggestion).

Make sure that the power setting on the steam cleaner is at medium level and cover the entire room using gentle strokes. Remember that heavy pressure will also flatten out your carpet so be careful while cleaning. Always keep the temperature setting low as well otherwise, you could end up damaging your carpet.

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The last thing you want is to damage your carpet! Once uniformly cleaned with steam or an upholstery cleaner, let the carpets dry thoroughly in the sun and hit them with vacuuming once again to give them a neat finish.

What Carpet is Good for High-traffic Areas?

If you happen to know your carpets well but still have an open question in your head, you may want to get in touch with a carpet cleaning expert. The type of carpet used in high-traffic areas becomes more abrasive over time. Therefore, this type of use proves detrimental to the quality level of the carpet and will be reversible after some deterioration in the long run.

High-traffic areas need carpets that are soft, durable, and gentle for the wearer. Soft and thick carpets are not good for traffic areas since, over time, heavy pressure steps would end up causing wrinkles and pinches to appear in the carpets. Soft spiral twine currently used in many quality carpets that are not ideal for high traffic areas are also frequently caused acid from airborne cleaner to get set onto them, giving a darker shade of appearance to discarded fibers of some sweat due to more traffic trips occurring upon it.

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If you want to maintain your carpet for its last several years in a very good condition and avoid lots of troubles down the road, it would be best to purchase durable and soft all-cotton carpets that are also affordable. Remember that most attics don’t have ventilation systems installed so you have to prevent dirt from entering there every single time before you arrive at such places walks through such harsh conditions with your shoes on.

Fluffy carpets sound really nice but if they’re too hot after being walked on, they may be able to stay constantly hot in the entire summertime although scratching noise is commonly heard from carpets even after walking for a short bit further than skin deep. Carpets with soft, thick, and good quality wool that is cut straight properly by professionals are rather loved since they do not turn out to be extremely hot as seen generally in water-resistant types of carpets.


In conclusion, carpet flattening has always been a concern for every homeowner. Carpets that flatten unevenly make it harder to walk and experience difficulties. Guests have to be cautious when they step on the bare floor, which puts stress on their feet, hips, and shoulder propped area of the stage.

Polypropylene carpets might flatten with time though this can be affected by several factors. With the above, you are sure to have the best experience in the carpets you purpose to have in your home.

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