Do Corner Sofas Come Apart?

This has been a question that has been prevalent to everyone wishing to purchase corner sofas online. If you are a first-time buyer of the corner sofas, you must be really wondering whether corner sofas come apart. One of the main reasons why furniture will come apart is due to the portability that is enhanced by furniture coming apart.

Despite having several pieces of furniture coming apart, not all furniture will come packaged in this form. Some will come as a full package with no assembling required. Nevertheless, most of the furniture purchased online will come apart.

Remember that you can find various options whenever it comes to purchasing corner sofas that range from both Fabric and Leather Corner sofas. In addition to this, you will find corner sofas that will provide you with extra storage areas rather than being used as sitting areas only.

Keep reading this article as we know more about corner sofas and whether they come apart.

Are Corner Sofas a Great Idea?

Well, you may be wondering whether the corner sofa you are about to purchase will be a great idea or it will be a waste of your time. Well, from my own point of view I would highly encourage you to make the purchase for the corner sofas but only at some specific guideline.

The reason why I recommend you ensure that you meet some guidelines is so as corner sofas will not fit any area. They will require some specific areas where you can fit them as it will ensure that the general layout to be superb. However, the best thing you will always love about corner seats is that they will provide many flexible seating options to provide different layouts on how you would love to arrange your room with the different parts of the sofa.

On where corner sofas fit best, there is no general rule on this. As a matter of fact, they can fit in between two rooms, in the middle of a room or even across a room. However, this will be highly dependent on the spacing of your room.

In the point where you want to separate the spaces between your house, having a corner sofa would be a great idea. This is so as corner sofas will divide the rooms into other functional areas. This is suitable if you have a large room area where you need to add some other functional areas and then dividing them fully.

Moreover, corner sofas are a great idea for a home that contains many visitors or families with large numbers of family members. It is so as corner sofas will ensure the full utilization of every available space within your home.

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Do Corner Sofas really come apart?

One of the key things to point out is that corner sofas will have a square corner piece that is usually the focal point for every corner sofa. Both sofas that can be separated can then easily connect to the square corner piece to be able to form a complete sofa.

The sections of a corner sofa are the most key areas to know whether they come apart or not. Normally, all other parts of any corner or sectional sofa will come apart. The rest of the parts that come apart include the Cushions, Arms, Seat Boards, Covers, and many other petty parts of a corner sofa.

The rest of the parts of corner sofas will come apart, with basic corner sofas coming in 3 parts. These parts will include the two attachment sitting sofas and one corner square piece that is usually the focal point for any corner sofa. This square corner piece is where the rest of the parts of the corner sofa are to be attached.

To be able to connect all the different parts of a corner sofa, the use of connectors is applied. Connectors used in corner sofas might either be the sliding connector pins which are usually on the side of the sofa through which they contain a hook on one side and a socket on the other side. While connecting the parts together, you will have to slide the hook to the socket on the other side hence providing a very strong grip.

On the other hand, corner seats can also make use of snap connectors which are usually under the sofa. These connectors feature a pin on one side and a fork on the other side. To connect any corner seat using these connectors, then you should snap the fork around the pin on the other side for a strong grip.

However, not all corner sofas will come apart. Generally, 90% of corner sofas purchased come apart, while the rest 10% usually come as fully-connected corner sofas with no assembly.

How to Assemble a Corner Sofa

Being that the greater proportion of the corner sofas come in different parts, it is essential then to know how you will assemble it to ensure that it is well fit while avoiding any breakages. The assembling will commence once you have received the corner sofa delivered to you and after unpacking it.

First and foremost, confirm that you have all the parts from the checklist. This will assure you of perfect assemblage while connecting the corner sofa. In addition to this, you will familiarize yourself with the different parts of the corner sofa you have received.

The instructions on how you assemble a corner sofa will differ depending on the different variations of your corner sofa. Such variations include the following;

  • Size of the Corner sofa – This will impact how the connecting is done as large corner sofas could contain different pieces that might involve a lot of work compared with other simple corner sofas.
  • The Space Available – The space available will impact the way you assemble a corner sofa having in mind that you can get different layouts from a single corner sofa. The space available, therefore, affects what layout you go with.
  • The Chosen Corner Sofa Layout – At some points, the size and space of the corner sofa could not matter but what you exactly need. The layout you have in mind will affect how you assemble a corner sofa, as different layouts will require different assemblage.

Nevertheless, if you have a simple corner sofa measuring 3 by 2 or 2 by 2 or a huge corner sofa measuring 5 by 3 and 4 by 3, the assembling process will be quite similar. As a matter of fact, the differences you expect are on fitting the sectional parts.

As a general rule, follow the below step by step guideline in assembling your corner sofa;

Step 1: Setting up the Base of the Corner Sofa

This step will involve assembling the base of the corner sofa and ensuring that they are upright. Do this to ensure that you create a rectangular base by making them stand vertically. Using the struts in the middle, you can then connect the spaces of these bases. After these bases are set, the corner sofa will be ready with arms already set

Step 2: Fitting Together the Corner Sofa Sections

Lift the arms of the different sections of the corner seat to locate the bracket where the attachment of each section to the other is to be. If you are keen enough, you will note that these attachment areas could be using different connectors.

First, if you find out that the connectors used are the sliding connectors, then ensure that you slide in the hook fully to the socket in the other section. You will do this by lifting the hook and then slowly into the socket. On the other hand, if the corner sofa uses the snap connectors, ensure that you snap the fork appropriately to the pin to be connected to the other part of the corner sofa.

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Step 3: Fitting in the Arm Covers

Though this might seem hectic sometimes, just hold on, and within no time, you will have everything set. Arm covers are made in such a way that they fit the arms of sofas fully. As a result of this, they are hectic while fitting them due to their similar size. Ensure that they take the shape of the sofa completely before having a go-ahead.

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Step 4: Fit Covers to Back Support Boards

This might not be applicable to everyone. However, most corner sofas will come with back support boards depending on the number of people they can hold. Ensure you do this to all the sections available in your corner seat.

Step 5: Inserting Seat Boards into the Seat Cushions

In this, stand the cushions upright and then add in the seat boards where the seat cushions will sit on. In addition to this, seat boards are responsible for supporting your full weight, excluding the back support weight.

Step 6: Addition of Cushions

At this point, the corner sofa is ready to be used with only the addition of cushions to make it comfortable remaining. Add in all the cushions on their positions required, and then you can enjoy the setting without any hassle.

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Last Words

Corner sofas have been a great idea both to the elite groups as well as to the lower class people. One of the best things making them gain much popularity is the ability to transform the corner sofas into fitting many different layouts.

This will always make your home look new with new layout designs which you only need by playing about with the different sections of the corner sofas. Furthermore, while making purchases on corner sofas, you will find much ease as they come apart both on delivery as well as movements to different parts of your home as you may wish.

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