Bar Stools: Everything You Need To Know

At the end of a long day at work, a night out with friends, or just another Saturday morning, we all need a place to sit. If you’re worried about dropping your drink on the ground or spilling your food on your shirt, then bar stools are the answer. They’re both functional and stylish. But before you purchase one for your home, it’s crucial to do some research. To help you find the perfect stool for you, here are everything you need to know before buying a bar stool.

Bar stools are not necessarily to be used in bars. As a matter of fact, they are referred to as bar stools since they are used to sit at bars. Bar stools can also be used in kitchens, eateries, cafes, pool tables, and other places where you need a place to sit. They are great for use in homes since they look good and offer functionality at the same time.

The term bar stool has no fixed definition. It is commonly referred to as a stool that is placed at a bar or countertop for the purpose of seating patrons. Some may refer to them as counter stools. They are also called counter chairs or pub stools if they have footrests or armrests respectively.

Bar stools come in different styles and designs but depend on their material make up and the fabric used on their seats. You can get them made from leather, faux leather, wood, metal, upholstered fabric covered with vinyl (pvc), plastic or any combination of these materials. Metal bar stools normally have arms while wooden ones do not have any arms because they can be a bit uncomfortable especially if you are sitting for long hours.

Types of Bar Stools

1. Counter Height Bar Stools – If your bar height is between 30 and 36 inches, then counter height bar stools are the best you can use. They are very comfortable and due to their lower seating position, they do not make you feel awkward when you sit on them for long hours.

2. Swivel Bar Stools – These stools are designed to rotate 360 degrees and can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings as they withstand extreme weather conditions. You can use them in your office as this helps with better circulation of air in the room as well as encourages people to interact while they take a break from their activities.

3. Folding Bar Stools – As much as they may look like normal bar stools, these have folding backs which allow them to occupy less space when not in use or when there is need for transportation purposes. Due to the fact that they can fold up, they take up less space while in storage which makes it possible for people to carry them to different places and not worry about unpacking and packing afterward.

4. Swivel Counter Height Stools – Just like normal counter height stools, they also have 360-degree swivel bases which allow you to easily rotate while sitting on them as you enjoy drinking your favorite beverage. The seating position of counter height swivel stools is lower than that of regular bar stools so they are more comfortable to use for long hours.

5. Bar Stool with Back – There is a wide variety of bar stools that come with backs on them which you can easily adjust to meet your needs in terms of comfort level. In most cases, they are made with padded seats so they are not only comfortable but also very easy to use and move around when you need to put them away.

Why are Bar Stools so High?

Bar stools are generally so high because they are designed to be used with counter tops. They are also high enough to provide maximum comfort and support. Although you might find some bar stools that have backs on them, you will also find them very low in just about every case. However, if you have a certain need for having back supports then you can go for it and get exactly what you want.

They come in different sizes and shapes so if you would like to purchase one that is not available, plan ahead of time because they can be quite expensive when on sale especially if they are very large in size or have other features besides back supports.

There are many different designs of chairs including those with arms and those without so make sure to carefully read the product specifications and features of the items before making a decision. Make note of the height of your current chair set as well because most of the items being sold online now come with adjustable heights which makes it possible for people who don’t want clunky chairs or ones that are too tall to find the perfect height for them.  

The Average Height of a Bar Stool

The average height of these bar stools is about 29 inches to 30 inches. It is ideal for the average person who wants chairs that are tall enough to be able to sit at without bumping their heads in the process. Bar stools in this height range are mostly found in bars and pubs rather than restaurants. However, if you really want to get a bar stool that is tall enough for you, then you can look for bar stools that are as high as 32 inches.

Why are Bar Stools so Expensive?

Bar stools are never cheap. They are always very expensive and the reason you have such a hard time purchasing a few of them is that most of the time you can’t find a cheaper place where you can purchase them. You will find that many bars hire out their entire bar for private parties and there is usually no need to buy other stools as they are already being used for private parties but if you would like to own some for your own home, make sure to purchase them from a reputable company that provides excellent customer service.

The price of these bar stools ranges from about $15 dollars on up to about $400 dollars depending on how fancy and expensive they are. Most people will choose one between $30 dollars up to about $150 dollars depending on the type of materials used by the manufacturer, the brand name and other factors that affect its cost.

Here are some of the reasons why bar stools are so expensive:

1. Materials Used – The highest grade wood is used to make bar stools. Because they are placed in such close proximity to food and beverages, they have to be made from the best wood that has a high resistance to stain and moisture. As you can probably imagine, only the best wood is used which means that the cost of making them is also high.

2. Design – The design for most of these bar stools are based on classic designs which means that it will be difficult for you to find one with a unique but classy look unless you handpick them yourself from a vintage store or find someone who sells antique furniture . Most companies selling bar stools now include customization on their site so you can easily select what type of stools you want whether it be swivel, tall, wide or even cocktail like. If there isn’t a customization option then odds are the bar stool won’t look anything like those in a fancy restaurant or bar but still decent because each company has their own style anyway.

3. Comfort – These bar stools also have to be comfortable. A good quality stool will have a soft cushion and a tight seat for you to sit on. If the bar stool is too small, then it will be uncomfortable to sit on so pick a bigger size if you have the option or choose another type of stool.

4. Durability – Most bar stools are designed to last for long hence making them to be very expensive. You’ll want to choose a stool that will hold up well with rough use. This is so since bar stools are used by many people which would be a threat to its durability. However, with durable materials it will last for long hence contributing to why they are expensive.

5. Style – Anyone who has visited a fancy restaurant or bar would have seen the type of bar stools they use. In most cases, you’ll find swivel bar stools. A swivel bar stool allows you to rotate your seat so that you can face different directions while holding your glass or bottle of beverages. This is nice considering that some bars or restaurants have a lot of people coming in and out so it helps that the seats are facing different ways. Luckily, there are other types of stools as well. For example, the cocktail stool is designed to look like those found in bars and restaurants. There are also tall bar stools, wide bar stools and even swivel cocktail style stools helping round out all the different types of styles you can choose from.


In conclusion, bar stools are a great addition to any bar. You’ll not only be able to enjoy your drinks at the bar but you’ll also be able to relax in comfort. Plus, you’ll be able to take a break from your stressful lifestyle and sit down and relax. Added benefits of having bar stools include being able to watch the sports game or a movie, helping the wait staff in their tasks, even serving drinks if you’re the bartender or in some cases, eating and drinking at the bar. All these are great benefits of having bar stools.

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