10 Best Furniture Stores in Bay Area, San Francisco, and San Jose Best Picks

Looking for the best furniture stores in Bay Area? Well, there are many furniture stores in Bay Area that you can find. Nevertheless, having quality in your mind, you are not yet ready to receive a surprise of what you need.

All you need is an assurance of quality. And that said, I’m here to guide you on the top 10 best furniture stores you will find in Bay Area. Whether you are in San Francisco or in San Jose, get assured of receiving the best guide to the best furniture store near you today.

In my guide and my conclusions on the best furniture stores in Bay Area, I have considered the customer reviews.

I noted that customer reviews are the final say to any organization. It doesn’t matter the adverts the company provides; the customer experience is what we need. This is so as it will give you a view of what you expect to receive in the company.

That said and done, let us have a quick look at the best furniture stores in Bay Area. These furniture stores take coverage of either San Francisco or San Jose. These are places near you and you can order or visit the stores easily to make your purchase.

1. Living Spaces

This is my top pick of the day. Living Spaces has stood out to become the best furniture store in Bay Area.

Living Spaces has coverage of several stores through which it serves it mainly serves California and nearby areas. This store has proved to be one of the best through which you will get value for your money.

To see all the available furniture stores for Living Spaces, Click Here

Some of the Living spaces you can visit in San Francisco or San Jose include;

  • Living spaces, San Jose
Store Address5540 Winfield Blvd.San Jose, CA 95123
Store Working HoursMon-Sun 10am – 9pm
Customer Pick HoursMon-Sun 12pm – 8pm
Personal Appointments10am – 7pm
Store WebsiteClick Here
  • Living Spaces, Fremont
Store Address49088 Fremont BlvdFremont, CA 9453
Store Working HoursMon-Sun 10am – 9pm
Personal Appointments10am – 7pm
Store WebsiteClick Here

To view more options you have for Living Spaces in Bay Area, Click Here

2. CORT Furniture Outlet

This is my second pick. CORT Furniture Outlet is an amazing furniture store that will give you the best shopping experience you need. Located in San Francisco, you can easily visit the furniture store to have your best furniture today.

Additionally, there are also several other furniture stores in Bay Area including another outlet in San Jose. Therefore, if you are in California, you don’t need to worry. CORT Furniture Outlet will give you all you need.

CORT Furniture Outlet in San Francisco

Store Address1320 Sutter StreetSan Francisco, CA 94109
Store Working HoursTue-Fri 10:00 am to 7:00 pm 
Sat 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Contact(415) 805-8001
Store WebsiteClick Here

3. Crate and Barrel Furniture Store

This is another one of the best furniture stores you will find in California. Located in San Francisco, you will find all the types of furniture you need.

Crate and Barrel also contain other furniture stores in other areas in the coverage of California and nearby areas. As a result, you are sure of receiving quality furniture.

You can visit this store to get your best furniture today.

Here are the details you need for the Crate and Barrel Furniture Store.

To see the Crate and Barrel Furniture Stores near you in California, Click Here

This will give you all the details you need to get for each and every store you want to visit.

If you are in another location other than California, then Click Here to search the Crate and Barrel Furniture Store near you today.

4. Stuff Furniture Store

Looking for modern vintage furniture? Well, this is will be your furniture store of choice. Located in San Francisco, it stands in the best locality near you through which you can easily purchase furniture.

The amazing this about Stuff Furniture Store is the customer reviews it has received. This has made it to become one of my best picks for you today. It comes will all pieces of furniture you need. Visit the furniture store or get a look at its product through its website and have the best shopping experience on your furniture today.

Store Address150 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Store Working HoursEveryday 11AM-7PM
Store WebsiteClick Here

5. Poor Honey’s Used Furniture

Have you been looking for a secondhand shop for your home furniture or all other basic to the occasional antiques? The Poor Honey’s Used Furniture is here for you.

You don’t need to pay lots of bucks when you can get almost all new furniture pieces at friendly prices. If you really doubt me, then make a visit to the furniture store and you will be surprised at how superb deals can be.

Here are the details of the furniture store.

Store Address4250 San Leandro St, Oakland, CA 94601
Store Working HoursTuesday–Saturday: 11:00AM–6:00PM
Closed Sunday-Monday
Contact(510) 261-4500
Store WebsiteClick Here

6. DFW Furniture Warehouse

Being featured in the best picks of the day, you can rest assured of receiving quality and amazing pieces of furniture today. The DFW Furniture Warehouse offers its customers with an amazing experience, unlike most furniture stores.

You know what? They will offer you financing and lease-to-own options for you to own your furniture. You really don’t need to strain yourself if you don’t meet the budget. Just visit the store and you will be guided on what you need.

Below are the details to this amazing store.

Store Address15063 E 14th St #1901, San Leandro, CA 94578
Store Working HoursEveryday 11AM-6:30PM
Contact+1 510-694-0808
Store WebsiteClick Here  

7. EQ3 Emeryville – Bay Area Modern Furniture

Are you looking for amazing modern styles of furniture for your home today? This is one of the best picks you will have today. It features amazing options in the store whereby you can select from different elegant pieces of furniture.

This Canadian furniture company centers on quality and hence attributed to the increase in customer satisfaction on the purchase of their pieces of furniture. Furthermore, you will get contemporary products at reasonable prices giving you take-home furniture today.

Store Address15063 E 14th St #1901, San Leandro, CA 94578
Store Working HoursEveryday 11AM-6 PM
Store WebsiteClick Here

8. CB2

This is another one of the best picks on the best furniture stores you will find in the Bay Area. It is one of the best furniture stores which provides you with modern styles together with decor, accessories, storage as well as wallpapers.

CB2 furniture store will meet all your needs if you are in the Bay Area with their amazing choices. All you need is to make a visit to the furniture store and find out your best furniture choices today. Amazingly, they also offer you contactless curbside pickup for convenience in your shopping experience.

Store Address34 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA 94102
Store Working HoursMon to Sart. 10AM-7PM
Sun 11AM-6PM
Contact(415) 834-9370
Store WebsiteClick Here

9. NorCal Furniture

NorCal Furniture is an amazing pick that will give you what you need for your best furniture choices today. It provides you with a price match guarantee to ensure that you get value for your money. Furthermore, they contain several coupon codes and discounts which you can enjoy every time you make your purchase.

NorCal Furniture features contemporary pieces of furniture which you can purchase to fit any décor in your home. To ensure that you get a clear picture, you can visit the furniture store or check on their website.

Below are the details of this furniture store.

Store Address4604 Mangrum Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Store Working HoursMon to Tue. 11AM-8PM
Wed. 11AM-7PM
Thur to Sat. 11AM-8PM
Sun 11AM-7PM
Contact(408) 425-2616
Store WebsiteClick Here

10. What A Room

The last but not the least pick of the day is the ‘What A Room’. As the name suggests, What A Room furniture store focuses on giving you the best experience you need while making your furniture in Bay Area.

This furniture store contains contemporary upholstered pieces of furniture including dining sets, beds, and other occasional tables. If you need upholstered pieces of furniture, then this is the furniture store to go for. Its customer reviews indicate that it is one of the best furniture stores you will have in the Bay Area whether you are in San Jose or even in San Francisco.

Store Address111 E Brokaw Rd, San Jose, CA 95112
Store Working HoursMon – Sat, 11am – 7pm
Sunday, 11am – 6pm
Contact+1 408-868-5203
Store WebsiteClick Here

If you are in Bay Area, just visit the furniture store you find best excites you. However, consider your needs such as if you need new, used, or upholstered pieces of furniture.

The picks I have made for you today will give you the best guide in Bay Area whether you are situated in San Jose or in San Francisco today. It is my wish and trust that you get the best quality piece of furniture that you will enjoy for a long-lasting period of time.

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